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Luthando Ncube

 Luthando Ncube roots stem from the Eastern Cape, where he grew up and matriculated with exemption in 1996. After matriculating Luthando decided to study electrical engineering but later discovered he’s love for retail. He started working at Bogart Man in 2000 as a casual. Luthando is enthusiastic and fanatical about the various Bogart man’s formal collections and what it represents, it’s safe to say his love for the brand can’t be extinguished.

Q: What is your role in Bogart Man?

I started as a casual in the store room. Nobody wanted to pack the store room but that’s how I gained a wealth of product knowledge. I realized that when customers came in to look at our clothing ranges, that they do not want to wait. Because I am the one who packed our store room, I knew exactly where to find the clothes they were looking for and what collections to suggest. After working myself up through the ranks I eventually took on the role of managing area managers, liaising with our retail outlets and ensuring the plan gets executed as planned.

Q:How long have you been working at Bogart?

I have been at Bogart for two awesome decades.

Q: In your opinion what makes the Bogart Man team a force to be reckoned with?

I would say it’s because our team is so diverse and different, but we all share the same common traits such as passion, hard work and dedication.

Q: What values do you think the Bogart team embodies?

Our team excels in customer service. We strive to give all our customers the best Bogart experience so that they leave our stores with a smile.

Q: What is the best part about being a part of this team and organization?

The freedom we receive as employees is by far the best part of being a part of Bogart. We have the freedom to work on our own terms.

Q: How will you describe the perfect Bogart Man?

The perfect Bogart man is someone that stands out from the rest and sets trends that others follow.

Q: The Bogart Team is?

The Bogart team is diverse but everyone has a common goal and that’s to make sure our customers receive the best customer service.

Q: In order to be successful you have to?

I firmly believe in the phrase Work smarter not harder. Be efficient in what you do and do it with a smile.

Q: Bogart Man’s success can be attributed to?

Our success can be attributed to Eli, our CEO. Eli is the glue that holds our team together and he’s our inspiration at Bogart.

Q: The attitude of a Bogart Man team member is?

I would say every team member has a positive and vibrant attitude.

Q: What is your favorite Bogart Man collection?

When it comes to our collections, there’s always improvements and I really like our latest collection – It’s called the Rose gold collection.

Q: Working in the Bogart atmosphere feels like?

It feels like home. It’s a place where you are safe to be who you want to be and you are valued and heard here. That’s why I would say it feels like home.

Bogart has evolved from a simple Jeanswear store to one of South Africa’s favourite retailers for designer, urban chic and formal wear, incorporating a range of couture style suits, lounge shirts and more. Luthando is a Hands on individual that’s completely committed to ensure clients leave Bogart stores with a smile on their face and to make Bogart Man a brand to be reckoned with.

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