Fam Feature

Pappa D

Pappa D started working at Bogart 15 years ago as a visual, and later took on the role as a stylist. He is energetic and driven to succeed. With countless years of industry experience, he’s the man to talk to when you want to get something done.

Q: What is your role in Bogart Man?

A: I started at Bogart Man as a visual and later on I took on the role as a stylist.

Q: How Long have you been working at Bogart?

A: I have been working at Bogart Man for the past 15 Years. Back then we were Multi brand group who focused on both men’s and woman’s clothing. Initially we had 4 male stores and 8 female stores but later we decided to focus on men’s clothing and 10 years down the line we now have 35 Bogart stores.

Q: In your opinion what makes the Bogart Man team a force to be reckoned with?

A: The Bogart Man team is successful because everyone at Bogart comes from different backgrounds and creeds. We are industry leaders who always looks at the South African market to give our customers what they want and what they need. We lead the Pack and we didn’t copy anyone to get there.

Q: What is the best part of being involved in Bogart Man?

A: At Bogart man we are all driven by passion. Our company culture consists of respecting one another and being family orientated. Working at Bogart allows you freedom to move around and our whole team is part of a larger common goal. Everyone at Bogart Man is excited to be part of a larger purpose.

Q: How will you describe the perfect Bogart Man?

A: The perfect Bogart Man is sophisticated and well dressed. He makes a statement everywhere he goes whether it’s in the corporate world or just as an ordinary gentleman. He ensures to look his best no matter the occasion.

Q: The Bogart Team is?

A: Our team is hardworking, Loyal, dedicated and passionate.

Q: In order to be successful you have to?

A: In my opinion I would say that hard work has never killed anybody it only makes you wiser and stronger. Without hard work, success cannot be achieved it’s as simple as that.

Q: Bogart Man’s success can be attributed to?

A: Our success at Bogart stems from passion, dedication and hard work. We are tenacious in what we do and that’s why we are men’s fashion industry leaders. We don’t copy our competitors; we lead by example.

Q: The attitude of a Bogart Man team member is?

A: Our team members are always understanding and ready to take things to the next level. Passion is Key when working at Bogart Man.

Q: What is your favorite Bogart Man collection?

A: I personally like our seasonal collections, especially our casual winter collections. They keep you nice and warm without compromising your style.

Q: Working in the Bogart atmosphere feels like?

A: I would describe it as heaven and hell at the same time. We thrive on pressure and that’s our key to success.

Bogart has evolved from a simple Jeanswear store to one of South Africa’s favourite retailers for designer, urban chic and formal wear, incorporating a range of couture style suits, lounge shirts and more. Pappa D is a Hands on individual that’s completely committed to make Bogart Man a brand to be reckoned with.

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