Fam Feature

Vuyokazi Socishe

Vuyokazi Socishe or Vuyo for short, started working for Bogart Man in February 2014. She takes on the role of an Inventory risk manager where she trains and supervises stock takes internally. In this month’s fam feature we got to ask her a couple of questions regarding her role at Bogart Man.

Q1 As a female working for Bogart what have you learnt and what does it feel like working in an environment full of men?

Working in a male-dominated business requires you to have a thick skin at times. We are a team of dedicated individuals with big personalities, working towards the same goal. 

Q2 What, in your opinion, makes Bogart’s team a force to be reckoned with?

Our team is unorthodox and unique. We live and breathe fashion and I believe it is because we are united in the same goals. That’s what makes our team special. 

Q3 What values do you think the Bogart team embodies?

If you want to be part of this team you’ll need to share the same values as we do at Bogart. Our team’s core values are things like dependability, loyalty, commitment, hard work and definitely passion for the industry.  

Q4 What is the best part about being a part of this team and organization?

Working at Bogart gives you a sense of freedom. We are all very welcoming and supportive. It feels like a home away from home and the team spirit contributes to that. You’ll meet some of the most interesting and inspirational people in this organization. 

The Bogart Man is….

The Bogart Man to me is someone who values the finer things in life. He dresses phenomenal and looks the part. Someone who oozes success through everything he does. A Bogart Man takes charge and he lives his life to the fullest. 

The Bogart Team is…

Innovative and beyond their years. Our team thrives on creative insight and that’s what we put out there in our designs. Being a part of something that takes years to get right makes me feel special in some sense. People here are like an extended family. They listen and value your opinions and they make you feel right at home. 

To experience success…

I would say you need to be yourself and be willing to learn from the best. When you work, do it with confidence and wear a smile on your face. 

Bogart Man’s success can be attributed to… 

Our success stems from hard work and dedication. Those are the pillars on which the brand was built. 

The attitude of a Bogart team member is…

When it comes to work we embrace collaboration and we work fearlessly towards growing the brand. Our team members strive to work hard and when the time comes to celebrate our successes that we’ve achieved as a team. 

Q5 What is your favourite Bogart Collection?

I really like the premium jeans collection. The fine, almost futuristic design elements you see on the premium jeans are really incredible. 

Working in the Bogart atmosphere feels like…

It’s really vibrant and busy at work sometimes. You are accepted and you are valued based on your contribution towards the company. 

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