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20 Must-Have Winter Essentials

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Winter is here once again. If you are looking for some style inspiration for the chilly weather, look no further. Here are some of our favourite stylish winter essentials that every man should have in his wardrobe to keep him warm and comfortable without compromising on style.

Men have more style options in winter than in summer.

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Have you ever wondered why in winter you have a larger variety of styling options, compared to the summer months? This is because winter gives men a chance to layer, which is one of those secret weapons every stylish man has in his arsenal. The art of layering takes skill and when executed correctly they add depth, texture, variety, and visual interest to otherwise plain outfits. Layering in winter means you get to explore different styles, garments and colours which represent who you are as a person and your unique style. However, in summer, men are more restricted because men’s summer fashion is limited to shorts, tees, and flip-flops.

Your style reflects who you are

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Your sense of style mirrors your personality, mood, and who you are as an individual. Have you ever felt like walking with a jump in your step while wearing your favourite outfit? Wearing the right kind of attire will give you a boost of confidence. Looking presentable can help you in so many different aspects. Your appearance, and showing other people the best of your style, make you catch the eye. Fashion is one of the very few means a gentleman has to showcase his unique style and what you wear ultimately conveys your personality.

Winter clothes are an investment.

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Winter clothes are timeless but should be updated once a year. Quality winter wear will last you a lifetime, that’s why it’s an investment. Winter wear should be comfortable and stylish so that you can wear them for many seasons to come. Choosing your seasonal investment pieces wisely is the key to taking on winter in style.

How to style casual winter wear

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Bogart Man provides you with a wide range of winter essentials that will make dressing for the cold weather easy. Here we design stylish casual wear for the man that values the way he dresses. Going out for a casual outing, and don’t know what to wear? We’ve got plenty of casual winter outfits that will keep you warm and stylish when the temperature drops. Staying warm and looking great this winter has never been easier. The Bogart sword jean and t-shirt combo look great when layered with our premium bomber jacket. Pair it with some boots or sneakers for the ultimate casual winter look.

How to style semi-formal wear

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Here's where you show off your smart side. In an evening event or at a wedding you'll want to dress in a semi-formal dress code. Why not try our straight-fit premium jeans combined with a gold black sweater and keep warm with our semi-formal blazer. Complete the look and wear our diamond loafer’s formal shoes, and you will be good to go for a great night out.

How to style formal wear

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For the corporate world, our suites are great at making a long-lasting impression. They are designed to make you look immaculate at any corporate event. Try elevating your style game with the Bogart Man B-side pocket trousers and combine them with a sharp, impressive Es Nico formal shirt. Bogart also has a fine selection of suits and tuxedos, such as the Owen elastane modern suit, making you look exceptional for your next formal event. Check out our formal wear collection to see the entire range available online.

Finally, the final finish of the formal look - Shoes!

The Bogart Man cap-toe mesh shoe is a classic vintage design reminiscent of the 1950s. It makes a great addition to your formal shoe collection.  Another formal shoe to look at is our gloss loafers, which have been designed to be both lightweight and comfortable. These shoes have a snake scale pattern design that stands out from other mundane shoes. The traditional design of the gloss loafers allows them to compliment any outfit you choose to wear.

What winter accessories every man should have

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To top up the formal look, you can look at our Bogart Man's formal accessories which are an excellent choice for your formal winter wear. Complete your formal ensemble with a matching tie set that creates a unified style. You can take it a step further and add a Bogart Man lapel pin which is perfect for those who prefer to stand out from the crowd and make a profound fashion statement.

Bogart Man's winter collection

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Don’t compromise on style and keep warm this chilly season by wearing our exclusive men's winter wear. We offer a wide variety of high-end men’s winter wear, so visit our winter collection to see the entire range. Our irresistible winter collection includes something for everyone. Update your winter wear to be even more stylish and incredible by adding winter attire that is, good-looking, warm and comfortable.


The Bogart tracksuit is a sporty, and fashion-forward choice for men. It has a trendy look and a comfortable feel with a slim fit that gives it a flawless finish. Adding a touch of individuality and complimenting one's personality. The Bogart Man’s mafia three-piece suit is a popular item among corporate gentlemen that are required to wear formal wear. Dressing up in one of Bogart's suits will display your sophistication to the world. However, if you are not looking for a complete set and would instead prefer a single fashion item, have a look at the Bogart Man cashmere overcoat. This clean-cut coat will ensure that you look like a boss and it is as comfortable as it is soft. The Bogart Man's embossed signature sneakers are comfortable yet stylish shoes. You will love the urban style which can be interchangeable to customize your look. These sneakers are perfect for casual wear and our clothing line has something for every occasion. Our jeans collection and formal trousers are ideal for both formal and casual occasions.


As mentioned above, dressing well and looking after your appearance is very important. It represents more than just power, authority and confidence, it shows that you have self-respect and self-confidence. Who wouldn’t want to look presentable and make yourself look good? Dressing up impacts how people see you, the way you present yourself to the world is important and may help others think of you more positively.


Bogart Man has an abundance of options for men's wear for every season and every occasion. Explore your true style with Bogart Man this winter and shop the leading statement pieces to take on the cold months ahead. Bogart carries a variety of winter casual wear for relaxed days with friends, as well as formal wear options for semi-formal events. Additionally, we also offer a large variety of men's formal wear for those corporate meetings and events, making sure your clients and customers see you as someone who can make things happen.


Explore our Bogart Man winter collection for some much-needed inspiration as you get ready to pack away the summer clothes and prepare for the new chilly season ahead. Our collections are full of different options to keep you stylish and warm during winter. The Bogart Man makes it a top priority to dress well as they know that fashion is an excellent way of expressing yourself. If you're looking to update your winter collection or shop for a gift we recommend that you browse our collections online.

We hope the winter wear tips have made it easier for you to update your winter collection. Grab your favourite Bogart winter items and be prepared for the upcoming chilly season. 

Shop online to see how you could elevate your style game this winter with Bogart Man. Keep an eye out on our Bogart Man site for more winter products that will be dropping soon! - Enough Said.


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