7 Tips for wearing coloured shirts this spring

7 Tips for wearing coloured shirts this spring

7 Tips for wearing coloured shirts this spring banner image

Spring is bursting with colour, and so your wardrobe should too. You can still look fresh while wearing a colourful shirt this season if you follow these tips: 


Men may have fewer styling options in spring and summer since they don't layer as much as we do in winter. The clothing we wear in winter is generally heavier, darker, and more substantial, right? However, men can also look their best in summer styles, but they are lighter, brighter, and lacking in bulk. We have the answers to your questions about mixing and matching colours for spring and summer outfits. We will explain the importance of colour and how to pair them below. 


One of the main components of creating your style and dressing your best is choosing the correct colours. In general, most men believe that only expensive and branded clothing from the most fashionable designers like Adidas or Nike will make them look great (which they do). Still, they're not going to create your outfit's desired effect if you fail to choose the right colours. So, to avoid an outfit whose colours are unmatched, you should know the basics of colour matching. Keep reading to find out more.


Firstly, you must decide on the primary colour for your outfit, typically a shirt, suit, or jacket. Once picking the primary colour, you can create your look by choosing the rest of the colours. To start with, you can choose a neutral or dark colour such as black, grey, white, or brown as a primary colour. Choosing a neutral colour is convenient as it can combine and match with several other colours. Additionally, keep the three-colour rule in mind. Your outfit shouldn't have more than three colours, as it will make achieving the desired effect more challenging. As mentioned, you must first choose the main colour of your outfits, such as a shirt or a light jacket. We recommend choosing neutral colours as a primary colour, for example: 


- Black

- Grey

- White

- Brown 

- Navy 

- Red


Having learned the basics of colour matching, let's move on to where we will highlight the best ways to wear colour shirts for this spring season in the next section.


7 Tips for wearing coloured shirts this spring

To avoid the mistakes of combining the wrong colours that may destroy an outfit's impression, you need to master the basic rules of colour combinations. Now let's take a look at some tips for wearing coloured shirts for this warm season: 


  1. Accessorise with statement pieces

Shirts are a great blank slate for any number of statement accessories. For example, you can pair a plain white or any colour shirt with chunky jewellery like a watch, or you can go with a hat. Adding accessories to a coloured shirt creates a style or statement that compliments the outfit. 


  1. Add colour 

Spring is all about colour. Shirts with colours such as blue and white are classic shirt colours for the spring. You can also mix it up and add bright hues like red or yellow and combine them with neutral accessories to balance the look. 


  1. Dress up in style: 

Suppose you are leaning more into formal attire. In that case, you can combine your formal shirt with men's formal pants and accessorise the look with a slim necktie or cufflinks (depending on the sleeve length). For example, you can wear a light blue or white shirt and combine them with brown or beige trousers or accessories like a belt. 


  1. Play around with patterns

A shirt with print and patterns can add personality to an outfit. A floral, striped or checked shirt can complement many colours in the same colour category; For example, if you wear a blue patterned shirt, you can combine it with beige or brown trousers. Also, keep in mind to avoid combining an outfit with multiple patterns, which can clash and may break the look of the outfit. 


  1. Make sure they fit correctly

Shirts that fit well will make you look better and feel more comfortable. You'd want to show off your body's build, natural lines and angles and wearing baggy clothes won't flatter that desired look for your body shape. If you think you're a size medium, try a small; maybe you'll like the look better. 


  1. Wear one bright colour

Men generally love combining multiple bright colours for stylish looks, which is okay and can look cool – especially for a party event. However, bright colours are more difficult to combine into a full outfit, like bright blue and yellow. Whereas bright colours are used best when combined with neutral colours. For example, if you wear a yellow shirt, you can combine it with a brown colour. When it comes to bright colours, less is more. In other words, stick to one pop of colour per outfit.  

  1. Find the right colour for you.

Not all colours will suit everyone's skin tone. For example, if you have a dark complexion, a bright yellow shirt may make you look darker than a white or a more pastel yellow shirt. So, try to pick the range of colours that work for you. If you are into red or blue, try going for different shades and hues of those colours. 


With these seven tips, you will look as sharp as the sun. Whether it be for formal or casual attire, no doubt you will look your ultimate best, especially with our Bogart Man Spring collection. 

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Understanding the basics of colours and how to combine them into an outfit matters not to ruin your outfit's desired effect. Choosing the right colour for your outfits is the main component of creating your personal style and contributes to dressing well. Moreover, sticking to the basics such as a base colour or, as we know it, neutral colours are best because you can combine them with various colours and styles. 


At Bogart Man, we offer a large variety of colour shirts for any formal, semi-formal and casual attire. Our exclusive brand is determined to make you feel and look great for any occasion and event this spring and upcoming summer seasons. Stay feeling fresh and cool this season by exploring our Bogart Man spring collection. One other thing, why not keep a lookout for our new fashion items in our summer collection online. 




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