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9 Reasons why Bogart Jeans are so popular




Imagine a world without denim? It’s like a world without Shisa Nyama on Saturday’s or no Vuvuzela’s at super Diski matches.

It’s impossible, right? What would men’s wardrobes be without a jean or two? It’s a fact that jeans have become a staple in men’s fashion these days.

Besides, jeans have truly stood the test of time. With the first pair created in 1873 as rivet-reinforced pants, since then jeans have taken over and shot through the stratosphere in men’s contemporary fashion. Thanks to its unique wear characteristics and sheer durability.

History lessons are cool and all but you know what’s cooler? Learning to wear them correctly so that you’re sharper than a Gillet and smoother than James Dean. In this month’s blog article, we will be looking at the 9 reasons our jeans are so popular and we’ll be giving you some tips on how to wear them to accentuate your style.

So stick around because we are running you through the intricacies of men’s denim and we will be discussing the various cuts to the best combos you can pair them with. After this, you’ll have the confidence you need to conquer the world and you’ll be equipped with the proper know-how so that you can rock any type or color Jean in the future.

Denim is so easy to wear and yet so many get it wrong. Jeans seem to be simple on the surface but can be hazardous to a man’s reputation when you wear them wrongly. But let’s start by looking at the 9 reasons our Jeans are loved by so many Bogart Men out there.


Our Jeans last forever



There are so many pants you can buy, but the question remains. How long will they last?

Unlike chino’s or more formal types of pants that tend to degrade over time, jeans only build up character and won’t degrade that easily. Our jeans truly offer you countless years of usage and enjoyment and are simply unmatched when it comes to style.

The strength and durability mean that you get more bang for your buck, so if you are looking for men’s jeans that will last you for decades to come, you can’t go wrong with a trendy pair of Bogart jeans

Jeans are easy to clean and to take care of

Let’s face it, Bogart men are out there chasing their dreams, signing deals and cashing cheques. You don’t have time to take care of your pants, and it becomes a chore when you need to. Jeans, on the other hand, doesn’t require any delicate washing, in fact, because of the durability and its strength you can just throw them in the washing machine and let it take care of your jeans for you. 

Bogart Jeans are trendy and comfortable



The third reason why so many men opt for jeans is because of its comfortability, granted some jeans might have slight nuances in their construction making them more comfortable than others.

But when you buy your jeans from Bogart Man you can rest assured that you are getting premium quality that’s as fashionable as it is comfortable. At Bogart, we only create high-quality jeans, with your fashion appeal and comfort in mind. 

Our Jeans Can Stretch 

Stretch Jeans get its stretchiness from elastic fibre mixed with traditional denim fabric, giving them great elasticity and flexibility. If you’ve worn them before you’ll know how comfortable they truly are. And stretch jeans have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Making them hot picks for men that appreciate comfortability. 

They provide the perfect fit

Bogart Man’s high-quality denim jeans compliment your body shape and size to enhance your style game. And when it comes to rocking a pair of jeans the devil’s in the detail. It’s a simple and otherwise subtle feature that makes jeans stand out when compared to other styles of pants.

The only thing you need to worry about is to pick the correct size, while Bogart takes care of the rest. Our embossed jeans come with a no-slip back pocket. We have added a silicone layer into our back pockets that tucks your wallet away and keeps it stays safe and secure.


Jeans are classic and timeless

Classic Jeans


When it comes to picking out good men’s jeans, we suggest looking for something that won’t fade from popularity in the years to come. This seems easier said than done, because as we all know trends come and go but Bogart Jeans remain classic and timeless, ensuring that you’ll still be the talk of the town even if its 20 years from now.

If you’re looking for pants that will be as stylish in years to come as they are today, stick with a pair of exceptional Bogart Jeans. You won’t be making a mistake, only an investment. 

Bogart Jeans come in countless different cuts

When picking out a brand new pair of jeans there are a few different elements to consider and one of them would be the cut. The cut of the jean will make or break your look, so decide on which cut sits the best on your body shape.

We offer a variety of different cuts such as the classic bootleg-cut, slim-fit, and straight leg just to name a few. If you have a bigger body build well then slim-fit jeans are out of the question, try on a straight-leg cut which will compliment your body shape and vice versa. 

Our Jeans Are Iron-friendly 

It doesn’t take a lot of fashion sense to realize that wrinkled jeans are just a poor reflection of your fashion sense. Whether you’re headed to a business meeting or a night out on the town, if your jeans are wrinkled nobody will take you seriously.

However though, not all garments are meant to be ironed, due to the high-heat of irons, they tend to damage certain types of fabrics. But not our Jeans! So if yours are wrinkled you can press them with an iron to get rid of all those wrinkles, without worrying about damaging them. 

Loads of different colour choices

Blue jeans remain the primary colour for jeans and even some of the earliest pairs were blue and it has remained popular ever since. But today jeans come in numerous colours such as black, grey, and charcoal and just about any colour you can think of.

What most men fail to remember is that the choice of colour speaks volumes about your fashion game. Lucky for you, our experienced retail teams can point you in the right direction when you feel unsure about your choice. 


5 cuts of denim and how to wear them

Denim jeans

What you decide to wear to work will ultimately dictate how your peers see you. And when it comes to outfits to wear to work, jeans stand out above them all. But the stakes are high, so you can’t afford to get it wrong.

That’s why we will be giving you tips on when to wear what cut to make sure that you stand out from the crowd with your strong fashion game. 

Selvedge Denim

Selvedge Denim gives off a clean and natural edge that doesn’t fray, basically making it the reinforced version of unwashed or raw denim. The difference lies in the outer edge of the fabric.

Raw denim is considered as the overall characteristics of the finished material. And selvedge denim is also more expensive due to these properties. You can pair it with denim jackets, tees and collared shirts for a striking casual to smart-casual look.  

Slim Jeans

Slim Jeans

This is probably the most popular choice of cut for men because it fits the best and provides the most comfort. If you’re a newbie to the denim cuts, we recommend that you start with this one.

You can then decide to either go skinnier or looser based on how you feel about it. What makes slim jeans stand out is the fact that it follows the contour of your leg to form a good looking silhouette without losing blood in the lower half of your body. This fit also means that you’ve got a vast selection to choose from such as fitted tees to collared shirts and casual suits.


Skinny Jeans 

Skinny Jeans

Undeniable another cut that’s become popular over recent years is skinny jeans. Standard skinny jeans are cut close to the leg but have somewhat of a tolerance. The tailored look that skinny jeans give off, means that it’s perfect for a smart-casual appearance and another advantage is that it makes you look taller thanks to its tapered cut.

If you want to take your wardrobe to the next level, pair your jeans with collared shirts, knitwear, casual blazers and ties for a well-rounded look. But of course, they work just as well with casual jackets and simple tee’s. 

Straight Cut jeans

Straight cuts trousers mean that the trouser leg falls straight from the knee to the hem. The fit is usually looser and the diameter at your thighs, knees, calf and ankles remain the same size. The best combos for straight cuts are looser fitting layers. You would want to avoid wearing tight tops with this cut because it throws off the balance completely.

We’ve noticed that doubling up on denim is never a bad idea with straight cuts. So combine it with either denim shirts or layered denim jackets to make the most of your outfit. You’ll also be quiet surprised when you throw on a loose sweater with straight cut jeans. 


Blue Vs Black Jeans- Which Is Better?



Often when purchasing jeans people tend to not always take the colours as the primary considerations. There are a variety of factors to take into consideration such as fade and quality. But to simplify your shopping experience, keep the following in mind when shopping for jeans. 

Blue jeans encourage a confident vintage casual style because it gives off a friendlier look whereas black jeans are broadly considered to be somewhat more formal and increase the versatility for different formal and semi-formal events.

So if you’re opting for a casual day then blue jeans would make a perfect addition to your wardrobe but if you’re looking for streetwear or work wear we suggest picking out a black jean for the occasion because they make good modern alternatives to classic suit pants or chinos. 

Denim has stood the test of time and they’re not going anywhere soon. When it comes to fashionable men’s jeans we’ve got loads of cuts, shades and styles. If you are shopping for jeans at Bogart Man, you can specify your custom sizing with our custom size chart online.

So that when you click “check-out” you’ll know that the right colour and size is on its way to your doorstep. We’ve made shopping for men’s clothes easily and convenient so you can skip the queues and shop online. 


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