Casual winter wear style tips


With every season that comes and goes, what you wear speaks volumes about who you are as a person and how you view yourself.

As the temperatures drop, we are preparing for the winter season ahead. Dressing for the weather requires must-have items so you can appear stylish but remain warm and comfortable. If you are wondering what to wear this coming winter, look no further. This style guide will highlight how you can take on this year’s winter season in style.

There are several guys that don’t fully understand the concept of dressing for winter. Some look like they are embarking on a journey to summit Mount Everest and some gents are walking around in tank tops, enduring the cold. The icy season ahead requires careful planning and you need to get familiar with the art of layering to stay stylish and warm throughout the cold months. We will also explore Bogart Man’s winter collection which hopefully provides some inspiration. Read our guide for helpful tips.

The art of layering

There are mainly two mistakes guys make when they layering winter clothing. The first, is they are putting on bulky layers, which makes the entire fit uncomfortable. The second mistake is being too technical. This simply means guys are overdressing or underdressing for certain occasions, not really finding a sweet spot. Layering is crucial for staying warm and it prepares you for every situation as winter weather can be unpredictable. Here is a list of simple layering essentials which is a good way to start.

Basic items for layering

  • T-shirts
  • Button-down shirts
  • Knit sweater
  • Puffer jacket
  • Sports jacket
  • Topcoat
  • Cardigans
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Denim jackets


Important tips for layering:

Important Tips

#Tip 1

There’s a common misconception that layering should be tight. When you layer rather opt for a snug fit than a tight fit.

#Tip 2

Thinner fabric goes on the inside. Optimally you would like to wear lighter, thinner fabrics closer to your body whereas thicker materials go on the outside like a thick winter coat.

#Tip 3

Never wear more than three visible layers of clothing. Any more than that and you look over-stuffed and you will most likely overheat too.  

#Tip 4

Always dress the darker colours on the outside.  You will notice when layering winter wear that there are several colours involved so remember to dress in darker colours on the outside.

#Tip 5

Ensure each layer works on its own. This is really important because let’s say you’re wearing a t-shirt underneath a sweater but the t-shirt is one of those that you don’t wear unless you cover it up. All of a sudden the sun breaks out and you’re overheating. If you layered correctly, taking off the sweater won’t cause a wardrobe malfunction. So be mindful about what you wear and always take into consideration each layering option should work by itself and as a whole.

Layering outfit ideas

Layering tips

On days that aren’t too cold, we recommend pairing a t-shirt with a sweater. This combo will allow you to control the temperature as you can remove the sweater when it gets too hot outside. If the temperature takes a sudden drop you can always put the sweater back on.  This two-tone Bogart Man viscose t-shirt and the diamante cotton sweater are a great choice for days like this. You can pair this combo with a jean and sneakers or even loafers. Another alternative is this Bogart eagle t-shirt which you can wear with the turtle neck zip jersey as a layering combo.

On days when it’s really cold, we suggest adding three clothing layers. You could wear a t-shirt underneath a long-sleeve t-shirt combined with a warm jacket such as the mercerized Samurai Jacket. Not only will you be comfortably warm, but you’ll also look stylish too. Take it a step further and pair this combo with black Bogart jeans and matching sneakers. If you are dressing for cold office days, where you have to uphold a semi-formal or formal appearance you should get yourself this jaw-dropping classic viscose suit jacket and pair it with formal trousers. The semi-synthetic rayon fabric in the jacket will keep you warm on chilly days and you can layer it with a warm sweater for added heat.

Bogart winter hoodies

Bogart Winter Hoodies

Puffy winter hoody

The Bogart gold collection puffy hoody makes a great addition to any man’s closet. They are soft and on-trend, especially when you pair them with dark Bogart jeans. These hoodies are also available in a range of colours. Shop online and choose one that suits your style.

Urban ribbed cotton hoody

The urban ribbed cotton hoody offers you effortless casual comfort. It features our Bogart crest on the chest with ribbed shoulders for added appeal. This hoody is perfect for cold days and it is guaranteed to keep you warm and stylish. The snug fit makes it the perfect layering option.

Black Velour Hoody

The velour material gives this hoody its suede feeling and it keeps you warm and comfy throughout the day. It features the embroidered Bogart Man logo on the chest and our infamous tagline “enough said” embroidered on the wrist. This hoody will look magnificent with matching Bogart Man jeans and sneakers or loafers. You can also layer it with a sweater if the weather calls for it, making it a versatile hoody that every man should have.

Winter sweaters to look out for online

Winter sweaters

Enough Said Cotton Sweater

If you need a sweater that keeps you warm and stylish this is it. This sweater can be paired with a range of items, such as Bogart jeans, Chino’s or formal pants. It is versatile and the unique embroidery sets this sweater apart from the rest. For a casual look, we recommend pairing this sweater with sneakers or loafers. And for a formal look for the office, pair this sweater with smart pants and formal dress shoes. You also have the option of layering this sweater with a smart jacket or even a hoody on chilly days where a sweater just isn’t enough.

Cellulose Fiber Sweater

This icon sweater features our iconic Bogart Man wings emblem on the middle of the chest. It is the perfect item to have in your winter wear wardrobe as this sweater can be layered for extra heat and comfort. Pair this sweater with jeans or formal pants, depending on whether you are dressing up or down. Another major benefit of this sweater is that you can wear black or blue jeans with it, which affords it, its versatility.

Gold Black Sweater

The soft gold and black sweater feature a luminous gold print on the front, combined with our infamous wing emblem on the left chest. If you pair it with a t-shirt, black jeans and sneakers you’ll have a definitive casual look that is incomparable. Should you have an occasion coming up that requires you to dress formal, you can pair this sweater with chinos or black formal pants.

Formal winter office wear

Formal Wear

Winter typically favours office wear as men have a lot more options when it comes to what they wear. Below we give you several options that you can wear to the office during winter to look your very best.

Owen Elastane 3-Piece Suit

Winter formal office wear never goes out of style and this black suit is no exception. It is a three-piece suit, but you have the option of leaving out the waistcoat. To look the part we suggest pairing this suit with black dress shoes and a black belt to finish off the sophisticated look. You can add some natural colour to this suit by wearing a brown belt, combined with brown dress shoes. However, for a formal look, we recommend sticking to the black shoes and belt.

Bogart Classic 3pc

Another top pick is the Bogart classic three-piece suit. Once again you have the choice to wear it with or without the waistcoat, making this suit versatile. For the polished Bogart Man look, we suggest that you pair this suit with a matching belt and formal dress shoes. If you visit our accessories page you will find cufflinks, lapel pins and ties that match this suit and takes your entire outfit to the next level. If you want to stand out at the office during winter, this suit is a must-have item.

Vintage Cardigan

This Vintage Cardigan is very stylish and has an old-school, retro feel to it. The slim fit and immaculate cut give it a smart and sophisticated look. The traditional design has been updated with a large print and badge on the sleeve to add to its appeal. You can dress this in your formal office shirt and pants on days when a suit jacket is too warm or not needed. Cardigans, especially this one is perfect for the office and it’s a must-have in every man’s fashion arsenal.  

Hopefully, after reading this, you have some more insight into the art of layering. If you struggle, we suggest you stick to one or two colour schemes and keep it simple. As we approach winter, it is a good time to start thinking about updating some of last year’s winter wear with fresh pieces from Bogart Man. Shop our winter collection online and keep an eye on the site for the latest winter wear collection drop.

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