Celebrating the power of Ubuntu with Bogart

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Our diverse rainbow nation is celebrating heritage month in September. We call ourselves the rainbow nation because we have so many different cultures, languages and religions. We are united in the fact that we all call South Africa home therefore we all contribute to forming part of South Africa’s heritage, identity and cultures.

Speaking of cultures.

At Bogart Man, we all share in the same Bogart culture which has been subtly nurtured over the years and forms a part of how we do things here. We believe in the power of Ubuntu and expressing your personality through our men’s fashion, and not just on special occasions. That’s why we are passionate about making fashionable garments for men who are driven, ambitious and appreciates high-end quality fashion.

Our garments were made for you to wear every day whilst expressing who you are and what you stand for. Throughout the years we have created numerous men’s garments that are represented by the men who ooze success and strive to always look impeccably polished. We will be featuring some of the Bogart Classics throughout the years and explore our international Spogi jeans range.

Spogi a lifelong heritage

Spogi collection

Our Spogi collection draws inspiration from numerous countries across the globe, but they are one hundred percent, proudly South African. Below we will be showcasing our international Spogi range that sits on the top end of the jean spectrum. Our Spogi collection offers you a chance to showcase your inner dominance, creativity and achievements. Wearing one of these reflects your high levels of confidence and promotes bold, expressive fashion. Best news of all, these Spogi’s are so versatile you can virtually dress them up or down as the occasion presents itself.

First up on our list of Spogi’s is the notorious Mzansi SPOGI Denim. This jean celebrates being proudly South African by incorporating elegant rainbow colour linings along with the seam stitches. The natural charcoal fade and interesting design bring home the taste of Mzansi magic. Nothing showcases your national heritage more than this sophisticated Spogi jean.

Another African inspired Spogi jean is the Nigeria Spogi collection. We have tastefully designed this specific Spogi to present a calm and collected look and the green accents give it it’s contemporary appearance. Featuring 5 pockets and intriguing ripped detailing, this Nigerian inspired Spogi is bound to become your new-found favourite.

Next up in our international Spogi collection is the Portugal Spogi denim. The five-pocket construction and ripped accents give it a rugged urban edge, perfect for the true Bogart Man. Made from premium denim fabric the Portugal Spogi jean is sure to last you a lifetime. Dress them up when the occasion presents itself and showcase your creativity and inner Bogart Man to the world.

The fourth Spogi jean is this sophisticated Italian inspired jean. It’s where premium fabric and elegant design meet and come together. The stretch cotton ensures a luxurious fit and the tastefully added Italian flag colours offer you an impeccable Spogi. Add it to your jean collection and the compliments will never end.

Next up is a pair of Spogi jeans that incorporates the renowned European flair into them. The dark texture and light fade with torn accents are what gives this pair of French Spogi jeans that exclusive high-end feel. From the very last detail of stitching and the badge detail on the hip, this jean will certainly not have you looking average.

Last but not least we’ve got our exclusive UK Spogi jeans that are sure to elevate your fashion game. The light wash fade and ripped accents and traditional design construction make them a favourite amongst Bogart men. It was meticulously designed and created to afford the wearer an urban and enhanced rugged look. The attention to detail immediately grabs the eye and you’ll have a new favourite pair of jeans before you know it.

Bogart Classics all men Love

Classic Denim

At Bogart, we have designed hundreds if not thousands of products over the years. In doing so we have created a couple of classics that many men over the years have come to love. In this next section, you can expect to see some of our classics that have stood the test of time throughout the years. Check out our classic Bogart Man staples below:

Premium Check Denim

Classic blue jeans with a light wash fade are the most versatile pair of jeans you will ever own. It gets its versatility from the fact that you can virtually wear them with anything. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Dress them up in a sports jacket, button-down dress shirt, a pair of boots or formal shoes for a timeless look. Or dress it down and wear them with a t-shirt and a trendy pair of sneakers. Whatever you prefer, classic blue jeans are an absolute staple in any man’s wardrobe.

Torn Black Jeans

If you don’t already own a pair of premium dark wash jeans, it might be time to consider adding some flavour to your wardrobe. Black jeans are great because everyone looks good in them and so would you. The right pair of black jeans will also afford the wearer a whole lot of styles to work with. Dress them up with a white dress shirt and a pair of Chelsey boots for a minimalistic urban look. No matter the occasion, you’ll be covered with a Bogart Jean.

 Red Lining Denim

Most men have got a pair of casual jeans in their wardrobe, but few invest in premium denim. They are labelled premium for a reason and the price tag reflects it. Why should you invest in a pair you ask? Well, if you like to be self-expressive and bold you need a pair of premium jeans to realise your inner creativity. Our Redlining premium denim will help you do just that. They are not your average pair of jeans so forget dressing down in these. They were created by master craftsmen, so you can take on the world with all the confidence and determination.

Picasso Denim Jacket


Denim jackets are hot on trend right now, and wearing one showcases your unique personality like never before. Investing in a designer denim jacket is a wise decision because you’ll be looking fresh for ages. The beauty of this Picasso denim jacket is that they incorporate well-thought-out features such as the funky spray-painted effect you see on this one. Pairing it with the red lining jean from above will get the jaws dropping, just add a pair of boots or formal shoes for a balanced look. Grab yours today and thank us later.

3-Piece Check Blazer Suit


When it comes to men’s clothing staples nothing beats having a tailored 3-piece suit. Let’s face it, at some point you’re going to need one. Applying for your dream job? You’ll suit up. Grinding hard to close that deal? The suit will make it official. And of course when its wedding season, what do you wear? A suit! Bogart men simply don’t buy suits; they invest in them. This check blazer suit comes in burgundy, green and navy for a wide selection of colours. They will give you the confidence you need to become an even greater man – Enough Said!



Your wardrobe should have at least three shoe styles that you can work with. Formal shoes for formal occasions, Casuals shoes for when you plan on taking things easy and last but not least, a pair of sports trainers. If you’ve got a formal event coming up might we suggest investing in a pair of Benetti Lace-up Oxford Shoes? They were crafted from the finest quality materials and with your style in mind. When you decide to take things easy, throw on a pair of our casual Leather Cushion Boots. They feature the classic high-top design, but what sets these apart from the rest is the added cushion lining which provides ample levels of support and comfort. On days when you decide to hit the gym, you can count on maximum comfortability with a pair of these trendy urban velvet sneakers. Grab them in black or red, whichever you prefer.



At Bogart Man, we are a diverse group of people from all walks of life but we are connected in the spirit of Ubuntu. You become a part of the Bogart family, the moment you step inside our doors. We believe that what you decide to wear is a reflection of who you are and that’s why we aim to design men’s clothing that will help in expressing your unique personality, boldness and inner-creativity to the world. We’ve made shopping for men’s clothes easily and convenient so you can skip the queues and shop online at Bogart Man now. Enough Said.

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