Essential Summer Picks for Bogart Men

Essential Summer Picks for Bogart Men

Essential Summer Picks for Bogart Men

Picking clothes that makes you feel confident, bold and allow you to display your character as a man can be a challenge at times.

Choosing the right outfit for every single situation takes time to learn but isn’t rocket science. If you don’t know by now what you decide to wear and how you wear it, it instantly tells people who you are. Some might even argue that what we choose to wear is connected to our identity. Most men put together a wardrobe based on different occasions. If you haven’t already, this guide will help you upgrade your style this sunny summer season.


Picking the best summer fabric

One common problem all men face during summer is sweating through their clothes. Which is something all of them want to avoid. By dressing in fabric such as cotton, you minimise the risk of sweating through your clothes. And there are several fabrics you can wear that is summer-friendly.


It is widely known that cotton is one of the best fabrics to regulate heat. Cotton is soft, lightweight and, most importantly – breathable. Moreover, cotton is entirely natural and very durable. The great news is that cotton comes in several styles and colours, such as cotton t-shirts. The Medallion cotton t-shirt from Bogart Man is the perfect example of a great looking shirt that serves an essential purpose.


The composition of linen keeps it away from your skin to allow for better airflow. When it comes to casual shirts, you can’t go wrong with a linen shirt during those summer heatwaves. The Signature Line t-shirt from Bogart Man is exclusive and super stylish. It features an exciting design and pairs really well with Bogart Man jeans. You can get this shirt in either black or white.

Linen/cotton blends

Linen shirts are fantastic, but they tend to wrinkle, which can throw off any look. That’s where the cotton blend comes in. The combination of these materials allow for fewer wrinkles and gives it a magnificent finish. This type of material will keep you cool when you need it most during summer. The linen/cotton blended t-shirt as a casual t-shirt is always an investment.

Summer essentials


Men’s shorts have come a long way and are a staple item in any man’s summer wardrobe. They are ideal for the warmer weather, and if you pair them with a nice t-shirt or golfer t-shirt, you’ll maximise your efforts. These Premium Denim Shorts from Bogart are super trendy and give you the perfect blend of style. They also have a subtly distressed feature to add to the character of these shorts.

We also have the Spogi Royal Six Pocket Bermuda Shorts that is beautiful light blue. This jean features a more updated design with its non-traditional pockets and cargo style side pockets. Because it was made from denim, they will last you a lifetime as they are very durable.

Next up on our summer shorts list is the Smart Casual Shorts. This pair is an absolute must-have item in your fashion arsenal. They have an abundance of style and will add a touch of class and sophistication to your outfit. These designer shorts are versatile and can be dressed up or down. Pair them with a t-shirt and slops, or dress them up with a button-down shirt and loafers. The choice is entirely up to you.

Last up on our list of shorts that we know you would love is the Bogart Man Cotton Eagle shorts. They allow you to rise out from the ordinary and soar amongst the elite. The excellent fit lets you move freely in the stretchy and breathable fabric. They are super comfy, too, featuring two pockets and unique Bogart Man embroidery on one side.



Summer T-shirts

You can avoid looking basic or sloppy this summer by wearing a statement t-shirt that features a unique print or embroidery. By knowing your body type and shopping accordingly, you give yourself a better chance at looking fantastic. T-shirts are a staple in any man’s wardrobe because of the versatility it offers. You can wear them to almost any occasion, and that’s why they never fade out of fashion.

Like this wildcat t-shirt from Bogart Man, the jaw-dropping design and imprinted synthetic diamonds make a powerful statement wherever you go. Or you could opt to go for something a little less subtle like this The Matrix t-shirt, which features the Matrix pattern. The wider crew neck collar gives this t-shirt a more relaxed casual look, while the slim fit design affords it a look of sophistication and high-end style.

If you want to go for something bold and expressive, the eagle beak t-shirt should be your go-to option. The overall design features intricate eagle embroidery making it remarkably stylish. The soft cotton fabric ensures it’s as comfortable as it is good-looking.

The classic white, black, grey and navy t-shirts are timeless. Even though they can be seen as primary colours, their ability to round off any outfit is nothing short of incredible. Take the SPOGI Dance T-Shirt, for example. On the surface, it might seem ordinary, but when you pair it with fitting jeans and sneakers, you end up with an outfit that’s hard to match.


Types of Denim for the summer season

Men and their jeans have come a long way, and there’s no sign of slowing down. A quality pair of Bogart Man jeans will last you a lifetime, so it’s more of an investment than an expense. Every man should own a couple of denim ranging from casual to smart casual, depending on the occasion you need them. There are so many styles available that many men are confused as to which cut to wear. The first thing you need to understand when shopping for a pair of jeans is that it all comes down to your body shape and style preference. Denim should always mould to your body and show traces of your unique style.

The Bogart man premium fine-cut jeans are a pair of jeans that would help you do exactly that. They are styled with a pair of scissors and distressing features that signifies fine-cut elegantly. These jeans are the perfect piece in your wardrobe to bridge the gap between smart-casual and formal. Pair it with a formal shirt and dress shoes for a look that speaks for itself.

Next up, we have the premium aviation denim that features a natural fade wash and ripped accents, giving these blue denim jeans an edge worthy of any Bogart Man. This pair was designed to highlight quality, class, and timeless style. Our Premium Aviator denim set the standard for casual chic.

If you want a pair of jeans as an alternative to classic navy jeans, you can shop the premium black check denim online from Bogart Man. They are ideal for day or night, dressed up or down. We bring you an exclusive style that’s always trending. Wear your premium black jeans with loafers and a button-down shirt, or dress it down with sneakers and a t-shirt.

Favourite summer shoes

As the months get warmer, there are several casual shoes you can wear that look great with various outfits. Shoes like Oxfords, Derbies, loafers and sneakers all make great additions to any man’s wardrobe. Below we will give you a rundown of what is available at Bogart Man this season.

Patent Fashion Sneaker

This pair of sneakers is not only comfortable but lightweight and durable too. Making them the perfect pair of sneakers on a casual day out. They are made from premium material and feature state of the art soles. Spoil yourself with a fresh pair of new kicks this season and grab yours online now.

Urban Velvet Sneaker

The urban velvet sneakers from our shoe collection will provide you with comfort and all the urban swag you need to stand out and make a name for yourself. They were specially designed for the true sneaker fanatic or avid collector, and once you put them on, you will know why.


Formal shoes you can rely on

Derby Lace-Up Shoes

When it’s time to get serious and make a formidable impression in the boardroom, you can count on these Derby lace-up shoes. The quality leathers and materials used in their construction give them an exceptional comfort level and guarantee that they are worthy of every distinguished Bogart man.

Olive Green Oxford Shoes

These leather lace-ups are a great way to inject that stylish vibe without being too formal. This classic traditional footwear is the finishing touch you need to round off your sharp looks this season. It was constructed with quality leather and materials, which gives them an exceptional style. They will last you a lifetime.

Italian Oak Loafers

These Italian loafers are perfect for casual wear and for semi-formal engagements. They are lightweight, functional, comfortable and easy to wear. The traditional low profile design and low heels make them perfect for dressing up or dressing down. Wear them with jeans, formal pants or chinos and a button-down shirt to complete the look.

Signature Loafers

These Bogart Man signature loafers are elegant and tasteful. Their inherent lightweight construction makes them comfortable and easy to wear. The geometric pattern on the vamp gives it a unique design feature, while the tassels on the saddle add a hint of class and style. They are perfect for a leisurely weekend when you want to relax in style.


Sporty Hat

When the sun gets too harsh, you’ll need some protection. This bucket hat will up your game and complete your outfit in an instant. This classic floppy hat features the Bogart emblem, and the round-shaped crown and stitch trim along the peak sets this hat apart from the rest.

Bogart Man Vintage Straw Panama Hat

These Panama straw hats are super comfortable, lightweight and versatile. It is uniquely styled by designers to ensure you rise out amongst the crowd. Level up your style and add a vintage straw Panama hat to your accessories collection this season.

Bogart Man Army Badge Duffel Bag

On your travels, you’ll undoubtedly need a bag to keep your things together. Why not do it in style. Our army badge bag is practical, stylish and well-constructed. The duffel bag is created from high-quality, sturdy fabric, ensuring the bag is durable and suitable for heavy loads and lengthy travel.

Bogart Man Spogi Back-Pack

This stylish backpack is perfect for those days when everything is just go-go-go. This grey classic square style with pops of black and Bogart red will ensure you always look and feel fly. With its double closure detail and cork-polyester lining, it’s the accessory you need to set your look apart from the rest.

Dressing well has never been this easy with Bogart Man. We have all your apparel essentials ready, all you need to do is to shop online. As summer gets closer it’s time to add some new items to your wardrobe. When you are shopping for your summer wear, use this guide to help steer you in the right direction and become the man you were destined to be. Enough Said.
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