Fathers Day

Honouring our Heroes this Father’s day


Fathers Day

We are featuring some of the newest Bogart apparel gifts that Dad would love this father’s day. 

As father’s day creeps closer it’s time to start thinking about ways you can celebrate it on June 21st. This year we are celebrating father’s day a little bit different due to the social distancing measures in place but that’s not stopping us from celebrating our hero’s. 

We will be honouring all the dads and soon-to-be dads for all the unseen sacrifices, contributions and endless amounts of love they’ve given us over the years. So It’s time to show dad some love, and a lot of it. Because let’s be real, the one day out of the year when we get to honour them doesn’t even come close to making up for all the heroic stuff they do for us day in and day out. 

They’re heroes without capes that pick us up when we fall and give us a shoulder to cry on when we need it. They praise our success and give us reason to look up to them in admiration and appreciation. So getting your dad something special for Father’s day is just a small token of your appreciation. 

We won’t be featuring stereotypical dad gifts such as grills, golf gear or tech in this article. But if you’re looking for something memorable and unique then stick around because this article contains pretty much everything your dad would need when it comes to modern casual men’s clothing and with just a few simple clicks you can get him the perfect father’s day gift, delivered straight to his doorstep.

Father Days

For the love of Father’s day

Since its winter, let’s kick things off with casual jackets and two-tone sweaters that would put a huge smile on dad’s face. Keep him warm and his wardrobe updated and comfortable this winter, with this bespoke Picasso denim jacket, that features a funky spray-painted effect that would make dad look trendy and super stylish. If you’re looking for something unique that would last for ages and gives dad that cool-dad vibe, then the Picasso jacket is the one for him. 

Another great gift that we think your dad would appreciate is this stunning classic blazer. It’s just one of those items that every man needs in his closet for semi-formal or formal events. Your dad would love the light coastal colours of this blazer and the single-breasted lapel blazer affords a timeless look for the classic dad. 

Two tone

Funky Two-Tone sweaters

These crew neck two-tone sweaters would make a great addition to dad’s wardrobe, especially with the chilly temperatures these days. They’re stylish and super versatile which means they can be paired with loads of different styles. The subtle Bogart logo and white trim around the edges are what makes this sweater so memorable. The cotton fabric makes them super comfortable to wear and we have a variety of colours to suit dad’s personal preference. 

Speaking of a classic look, here are some stunning jeans that would last him a lifetime and pick his style game up a notch. They say great things come in pairs so if you want to get dad a complete and unique masterpiece that’s sure to make his day, then we suggest you grab the Picasso jean and pair it with the denim jacket that we featured above. 

But if your dad appreciates comfort above all else this pair of dark grey Bogart jeans are effortlessly comfortable. The straight cut gives it a bit more of a modern look and feel, which makes it perfect for the office or any casual setting. 

Keep your dad fresh and funky with this sleek pair of Diagonal Stitch Jeans which appeal to the dad that has a bit of a younger spirit. They would make a memorable gift and reveal dad’s special style. 

Fathers day

Like Father Like Son

Fathers help guide us through life and we, in turn, learn many valuable life lessons from them. We look up to them for wisdom and strength because they form our roots and the imprints they leave in the depth of our beings has a profound and deep effect on us. Dad’s provide the sense of security that children need to feel safe and loved. That’s why they’re our hero’s. They’ve always been there when we needed them and we want to make them proud. 

Our Kids range features matching apparel for father and son alike. We firmly believe that nothing celebrates the beautiful bond between father and son like super cool matching outfits. 

Coordinating your clothing choices are perfect for a father-son photo session and makes it memorable too. After all, you’re his role model and style icon. 

Our Still number one Jnr range is a reflection of that bond you have with each other. You will always be your son’s number one, so celebrate that bond with a matching long-sleeved t-shirt. The lightweight fabric ensures that both of you are comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

Another classic is our Hola Baba Jnr long-sleeved t-shirt. The bold print will give him all the confidence he needs to make his mark on the world. He can wear it to school or on a night out because it is fairly versatile. We have also elasticized the wrist cuffs to improve wearability for Jnr. 


Accessories just for Dad

Remind your dad how much you look up after him and appreciate the things he does for you by getting him this vintage dark leather briefcase that features easy-access side zips and plenty of space for his laptop or work files. They can be worn over the shoulder or by its well-crafted handles. 

The Cross-body Laptop Bag is another great accessory that would make a great father’s day gift. It features easy access zips with plenty of space. The black and red design with the Bogart insignia sets this bag apart from the rest and makes it look and feel modern. 

As every child needs a dad every suit needs a dapper accessory to go with it. Spoil dad on father’s day with an amazing suit accessory set comprising of a stylish black polka dot handkerchief, a lapel pin and a matching Bowtie. When dad decides to suit up, he can think about you whilst wearing it. 

Another suit accessory set we think your dad would love is this stunning maroon paisley handkerchief, lapel pin with a matching bowtie set that exudes a lot of flair and confidence. The bright colours will certainly brighten up his day. 


The quickest way to double dad’s money is to fold it in half.

We are willing to bet that dad’s wallet is bursting at the seams, busy falling apart from years and years of use. Do you know that saying “change is as good as a holiday”? Well, give your dad the “holiday” he deserves. Get your dad a super trendy cheque book wallet to carry around for years to come. They’re not too flashy and not too bulky and they hold all of the essentials that come with being a dad. These wallets are for the collector dad that appreciates minimalism and the great news is they fit in any pocket comfortably. 

In addition to the cheque book wallet featured above, we’ve got our signature Bogart Trifold wallet that features a more classic wallet design. With enough space to fit in all of his essentials like his cards, his licence and of course a picture of his family, this wallet will have a much deeper meaning than simply holding his cash and cards safe and is sure to leave a long-lasting memory of this very special father’s day. 


His Jokes may never change, but his sneakers can.

I’ll bet a pound to a penny that your dad more than likely has somewhat of a professional wardrobe that’s well rounded but when it comes to his sneakers, well let’s just say he's had them for far too long. Breathe new life into dad’s sneaker collection with these hip and trendy sneakers below.

These crisp sporty white kicks will shave 10 years of dad’s age and he’ll love you for it. The combination of materials makes them lightweight and extremely comfortable with super easy lock laces. Dad can use them when dressing down or even in a business-casual environment. These look so fresh he’ll want to wear them every day. 

Alternatively, you can opt to go for a pair of these urban Italian fashion sneakers. These sneakers were masterfully designed and radiate high-end style combined with a contemporary look. When it comes to Bogart sneakers the quality, durability and comfort are unmatched and if olive green isn’t dad’s favourite colour you can always get him a pair in striking red or crisp white. 

Whether your spending father’s day together or apart, show dad some love with a thoughtful and memorable gift as a thank you for everything. We wouldn’t be the men we are today without them and that’s why we honour them on 21 June. Father’s will always be their son’s heroes, and we will continue looking up to them for guidance and advice. So to all the fathers and soon to be dad’s we say Thank you for the guidance, never-ending love and generosity you’ve shown us over the years. 

Today we celebrate you – Enough Said.

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