The Bogart Man getaway guide

The Bogart Man getaway guide

Bogart Man Getaway Guide

Now that the travel restrictions have been lowered, many South African’s are planning on getting away.

For some, it may be the first time they travel since the start of lockdown, and if you are one of them, we’ve got you covered with everything you might need on your trip. Whether you are travelling for business or purely for leisure, you’ll need a couple of outfits for your getaway weekend.

In this month’s blog post, we will be running you through a jam-packed travel itinerary where you and your friends or perhaps a loved one can relax and restore. With the weekend on the horizon, it’s time to start packing for your exciting weekend getaway.

Every good weekend away begins with an even better wardrobe. Grab your favorite Bogart Man clothes online and travel the world like a jet-setter.


No matter where you are planning on staying the Legacy Lifestyle hotel group can accommodate you. Why not make your weekend getaway one for the books with South Africa’s leading hospitality group? Legacy lifestyle group offers visitors a collection of Africa’s most exclusive hotels, lodges and resorts.

Where you can relax and enjoy some of your time off. With another long weekend around the corner you don’t want to miss out. At Bogart we have got everything you might need from travel accessories to travel must-haves. Bogart Men set the standard wherever they go, so join the family and dress Bogart.

What should you pack?

What should you pack?

Putting together a weekend bag requires a thoughtful approach. If you are traveling to an outdoorsy destination it would be smart to pack clothes that are durable and can withstand the environment.

Jeans – long or short make the perfect companion due its durability. Another thing to pack is a pair of sturdy boots for the rough terrain around you. On the other hand, if you are travelling to an urban destination your choice of outfits will inevitably change.

The key thing to consider is the traveling destination and to pack accordingly. Travel in style with our wide selection of travel bags, just visit us our Bogart accessories collection online to see more.

Keeping it casual

Keeping it casual

For a relaxing weekend away we suggest keeping it casual. The UK SPOGI denim, Italian t-shirt and pair of sneakers gives of a classy casual appeal.

Not only will you be comfortable but you’ll most likely steal the show too. If t-shirts aren’t really your style you can always opt to wear a casual button down shirt or swop it out for a golf shirt such as this striped collar golf shirt.

A pair of sneakers we know will go extremely well with this outfit is the new Bogart Multi-Sports Sneaker from our just-arrived collection.

Business travel

Business travel

On your business trip you’ll most likely have a more formal approach to your outfits. If there’s one item almost all men forget when packing for a business trip it has to be a belt.

Spare yourself the rush of buying one just to complete your outfit and remember to pack it first. We suggest revamping your formal wear clothes a bit and dress to impress when meeting potential clients on your trip.

If the occasion requires a suit, this three-piece Graph Check Suit will have you looking like a boss in no time.

Put it on with a formal dress shirt and pair it with formal dress shoes for a look that says you mean business. If the weather is very hot on the day you can always leave the jacket and opt to go with the waistcoat instead. Either way you’ll get the respect you deserve.

Holiday Date Night

Holiday Date Night

On your date night we suggest keeping your outfit simple and casual so you can focus on making a connection with your date. A darker jean and graphic t-shirt is always a good idea.

Pair it with loafers or your favorite sneakers for a look that’s bold and creative. However, if you are taking her out to a fancy restaurant you might want to dress a bit more semi-formal. A chino offers you comfortability and style on a night out, pair it with a fancy dress shirt and you’ve got a winner of an outfit.

Don’t forget to match the color of your shoes with a matching belt when you opt for a semi-formal outfit. You can find all of the accessories you’ll need for your trip on our accessories collection page.

Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities

So you’re planning on spending a lot of time outdoors, but do you have everything you need? Whether you are planning on hiking or camping, Bogart man has an outfit for every occasion. You’ll need durable clothing that keeps you comfortable on your trip.

Such as our eagle shorts made from cotton fabric that regulates your natural heat and perhaps a pair of Bogart multi-sports sneakers to keep you moving forward on your hike. Throw in a printed t-shirt and Bogart cap to take your outdoor ensemble to the next level.

Weekend must-haves

Weekend must-haves

There’s nothing worse than under-packing for a weekend away. We suggest looking at the weather and take into consideration where you are going. You don’t want to leave a jacket for instance only to get to your destination and its freezing.

No matter what the weather says, always pack at least one jacket and pair of long pants just in case the weather turns on you and you’re left out in the cold. Our SPOGI washed hoody, combined with the red & black track pants makes for a warm and casual outfit on days when the weather drops.

You’ll also need a quality travel bag to keep all of your belongings safe and sound, such as the classic barrel duffel Bag. Last but not least, you’ll need a mask when you’re heading out so why not grab a Bogart Man mask to complete your entire Bogart outfit?

Getaway Check-list

Getaway Check-list

No matter where you go, always pack a pair of comfortable shoes for the whole weekend. If you are going somewhere fancy remember to pack a nice pair of dress shoes too. You can never go wrong with a couple of t-shirts and shorts but add a smart dress shirt for when you need it.

We suggest packing a hoody or sweatshirt too, just in case the weather drops and becomes chilly. For a stay at the beach or at a hotel with a pool you’ll definitely want to pack your swimwear.

Check out our swimwear collection online for the perfect getaway trip. Here’s a list of basic essentials you’ll likely need on your travel.

1x Sports cap or beach hat

1x Foldable pair of sunglasses

1x Sleep mask & earplugs if you’re flying long distances

1x sports blazer or bomber jacket

2x Short sleeve t-shirts (Minimum)

1x belt that matches your dress shoes

1x pair of Bogart chinos

1x pair of jean shorts

1x Swimwear

2x cotton socks

1 x pair of dress shoes or loafers

1 x pair of sneakers

1x Headphones

1x Daypack and duffel travel bag

Travel in style with our new collections

With the new year comes new collections. Our designers have been busy the last couple of months planning, designing and styling them so that you can be truly unique when dressing with Bogart Man.

As the year continues we will be dropping more collections which offers you an even wider variety. So keep an eye on Bogart Man for the dopest men’s clothes online. We recently dropped our new SPOGI Music collection that’s sure to turn some heads.

These jeans are perfect for the genuine jean lover and they’ll definitely up your confidence. Not only are they good looking, they’re super comfortable too. You can dress them up with a button down formal shirt or dress them casual with a matching SPOGI t-shirt.

Check out our latest collections on our just-arrived collection page.


Our main mission at Bogart Man is to bring unique style to the men of South Africa, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do.

That’s why we have done the hard work for you by compiling ready to wear outfits that you can get at a click of a button.  We have a selection of versatile, revolutionary pieces that every man should have in his fashion arsenal this year.

These travelling items are just some of our exclusive men's fashion collectables. The benefit of shopping online is that you can virtually create any desired look and transform into a better and more stylish version of yourself in an instant.

Online shopping with Bogart is simple, reliable and safe

The best news is that you don't have to be tech-savvy to get what you want on our site. Expand your wardrobe this season and get yourself some travel goodies for all the adventures that await you.

Remember to keep an eye on our site for the latest collections or sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive the latest and greatest men’s fashion content that inspires fashion lovers across South Africa.

Shop online now for an unforgettable shopping experience with Bogart Man.

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