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Formal Shirts –When it comes down to men’s fashion, how much do you know about dressing up in men’s formal dress shirts? Sure, there are hundreds of options available, but what really matters are how you compile your formal ensemble. Picking the right shirt for your outfit can make or break the look you’re after. 


So what’s the difference between regular shirts and formal dress shirts? Men’s dress shirts are considered as button-up shirts with a collar and long sleeves. Most importantly, the cut on these shirts are different from those of sport shirts. Where sport shirts are made to be worn open-necked, dress shirts are made for wearing ties and fits your body shape better with the tailored cuts. 




Buying the perfect formal shirt goes far beyond the colour and cut of the shirt. By picking out shirts with collars that match your facial proportions already puts you one step ahead. In this blog post, we will be elaborating on formal shirts and their respective cuts. Read on further to discover the key to dressing up in formal shirts and unlock the doorway to looking your very best every day, like a Bogart Man does. 

The difference lies in the details.




Every man has got a different physical profile therefore it’s nearly impossible to find a standard fit and cut that suits everyone. Lucky for you, you’re at the right place. Bogart Man is run by men for men. Because we spent the better half of two decades refining our style, we understand what men want and how to make them look exceptional. 

Find your Fit




When selecting a formal shirt that you like, we suggest wearing a shirt that fits you correctly around the neck, chest and wrists. When you get it right you will enhance your appearance drastically. Although there are many fits and cuts let’s look at the four most typical choices available to men. 

#1 The classic fit

The classic fit features wide shoulders, full sleeves and a relaxed cut. It is characterized by a traditional tailoring silhouette, allowing a comfortable fit with a boxier shape. Classic fits provide great flexibility and feature two folds on the back, usually located near the yoke of the shirt. These cuts are the go-to options for men who prefer comfort over fashion. 

#2 The slim fit

Slim fit dress shirts are narrow in the shoulders with slender sleeves and of course, a tapered cut. This cut is considered more fashionable because it eliminates any access fabric, meaning you won’t look like a parachute with a tie. The beauty of slim fits are they allow for a shaped look that sits closer to the body without looking skin tight. 

#3 The Modern fit

The modern fit is a combination between the classic fit and slim fit, providing the wearer with the best of both worlds. Modern fit shirts feature a slightly tapered silhouette which creates a trimmer look that looks good with or without a jacket and without having to sacrifice comfort. This type of shirt is typically worn by slimmer men however, it’s still the preferred choice for any fashionable gentleman. 

#4 Skinny Fit

The skinny fit is a popular choice with younger men breaking out in the fashion game. It’s worn by men with a slimmer physique as it creates a comfortable fit for smaller physiques. They typically feature slimmer sleeves and a yoke that extends to your natural shoulder line. The tapered cut will accentuate your natural physique resulting in a well-worn look. 

What shirt pockets say about you

Irrespective of whether you like pockets or not, they tell a story about your attire. Some men like them and others don’t. Historically speaking a shirt with a pocket has always been considered to be less formal than one without a pocket. Why? Because back then gentlemen primarily wore jackets so they would have had no use for shirt pockets. A general rule of thumb to keep in mind when it comes to pockets:

No pockets = Formal 

1 Pocket = informal

2 Pockets = Very informal

Now that you’ve got a better insight into the cuts and various styles of formal dress shirts, here are some of the trendiest formal shirts in our extensive collection. Dressing in one of these will certainly get you noticed, whether it’s in the boardroom or on the red carpet. So update your wardrobe this season to include our hottest picks and avoid being left behind on fashion trends. After all, Bogart Men are always ahead of the trends, they don’t wait for others to catch up, they lead the pack and show the way.

Bogart Formal Shirts


Formal Shirts


Let’s kick things off with this crisp white formal shirt. Perfect for the office or for a formal night out. The straight point collar and tapered cut will enhance your manly physique but take things a step further and pair it with our straight cut suit trousers and add a stylish new suit jacket for a jaw-dropping outfit. 

If you’re looking for formal shirts that have got a bit more flair in them, you should definitely look at our classically elegant button-down shirts. They were crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using only the most premium fabrics we can lay our hands-on. This range comes in a variety of colours which will illuminate your formal outfit and get you showered with compliments. Pair them with our on-trend suit trousers or dress them up with our extensive range of premium jeans. You won’t be disappointed. 

Next up we’ve got our Bogart Es Nico collection that features a modern cut for any gentleman that’s looking to replace some of his formal shirts this season. This stylish button-down shirt can be paired with any of our premium jeans for a smart-casual look or with one of our exceptional suit trousers for a well-rounded formal outfit. It features a short button-down collar and a tapered cut to ensure it fits your body like a glove. 

Why opt for plain colour formal shirts when you can stand out amongst the crowd with this fashion-forward Olive green button-down shirt that features a stylish cutaway collar and tapered cut. Pair it with one of our premium jeans or stylish chino’s to make the most out of your semi-casual look. With sleeves that fit your arms and wrists perfectly and subtle Bogart Insignia on the wrists, you’re looking at a winning combination which will get you the respect you deserve. Because just like the name suggests, our ES sassy range is moderately lively. 

Last but not least we’ve got our Es Tyron collection formal shirts that instantly makes you appear more formidable and fashion-forward. The cutaway collar and premium fabric put this range in a league of its own. The wonderful news is that these shirts are super versatile, meaning you can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion or the look you’re after. If you’re opting for a semi-casual look pair this shirt with a stunning jean or a classy chino or if you’re opting for the formal polished look, pair them with one of our bespoke suits that will elevate your fashion game to the top of the ranks. 

Something different, Something Bogart


Formal Shirts


It’s no secret that when we decide to create bespoke men’s fashionable garments and accessories, we only use premium materials to give you the absolute best. That’s why our apparel ranges are loved by so many distinguished gentlemen like yourself. Not only do we craft quality and on-trend men’s clothing, we ensure that when you dress in Bogart your outfit displays your creative and unique fashion style to the world. 

Speaking of showcasing your personal style to the world, our naval fashion shirts with added Bogart Insignia will help you accomplish just that. It’s bold and creative and the sleek cut affords it a more sophisticated look. Pairing the naval range with a pair of premium jeans will secure your place as an all-round G.O.A.T amongst your friends and peers at work. 

Another classic of ours is this Lion Yacht shirt which of course features our stylish insignia to add some flair and colour to your wardrobe this season. The trendy, sleek design will afford you all the compliments that you deserve. The cutaway collar and bespoke cut accentuate your manly physique and personal style. Pair it with our sturdy and on-trend premium jeans to get the crowd buzzing this season. If you’ve got an event coming up and you want to attract some attention, this is your secret weapon. 

The next time you’re out shopping for formal shirts you’ll have a clearer direction as to what cut you’re after and what look you want to pull off. Dressing in the wrong cut for your body type is the difference in rocking an outfit versus butchering one. No matter what your body type is, at Bogart we create fashionable men’s clothing for all shapes and sizes. Our mission is to make sure that when you’re wearing one of our outfits that you receive all of the compliments and respect you deserve. Instead of waiting for fashion inspiration to come around, jump online now to see our latest collections of trendy men’s clothing. Bogart Man Formal Shirts


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