Summer wardrobe essentials

Summer wardrobe essentials

As summer approaches, and with each day getting warmer, it presents a range of style challenges for some. Whether you're dressing for a day at the office or planning a casual look for a weekend, it can be tough to get it right.

The biggest problem guys face during summer is overheating, which leads to unwanted sweat marks. Few realise that your fabric choice has a major impact on regulating heat, especially during summer. Cotton and linen, for example, has excellent self-regulating attributes, which helps keep the body at optimal temperature. On the other hand, Polyester fabrics will definitely keep you warm on chilly nights. Because it traps in heat, you might want to avoid this kind of material during summer days.

As we say goodbye to 2021, now is a great time to revamp your summer look. This blog post covers some do's and don'ts to summer styles, and we will showcase some of the hottest summer menswear items from Bogart Man. Continue reading to find some helpful tips. We've done the hard work, so you don't have to. Simply shop the look online and get it delivered to your doorstep.


Summer Do's

Explore with colour

We suggest injecting some colour into your summer wardrobe this season. Experimenting with summer hues such as green, yellow and blue already adds a lot of versatility to your wardrobe. You can also try out lighter, more natural colours such as olive green, beige and light grey.

Wear light fabrics

As we mentioned earlier, fabrics like cotton or linen keep you stylish and cool during the hot summer days. Cotton, shorts and pants not only gives you a crisp look, but it helps regulate your body temperature so you won't sweat buckets. When you need to dress for a formal occasion and require a suit, grab yourself a linen suit. It's always an excellent option for formal summer events.

Invest in enough t-shirts

Having a wide range of t-shirts in your fashion arsenal is a great advantage during summer. It also presents the opportunity to explore various styles and colours which you can combine with jeans or shorts. Some people prefer plain t-shirts instead of t-shirts with a centre print. Whatever your preference is, Bogart Man has it. Shop our online t-shirts collection to find something that matches your style.



Summer Don'ts

Avoid heavy fabrics at all costs

We suggest giving the wool, knit and tweeds a skip this summer. It simply doesn't fit the season, and you'll undoubtedly feel uncomfortably hot. Stick to fabrics such as light denim, linen or cotton. You'll look crisp and clean without any effort at all.

Sandals are dependent on the occasion

The last thing your feet need during summer is confined spaces. As we enter summer, you'll notice an increase in casual styles. Making it tempting to wear sandals all day. Usually, sandals can make it seem like you are underdressed, so match them to the occasion when you wear them.

Don't get caught in the rain without a jacket

Summer months involve rain, and the last thing you want to do is get caught in a storm without a jacket. Sunny days can be quite deceiving, so make sure to check the weather if you're on your way out. There's nothing worse than getting cold on a rainy night out with your friends. Preparation is the key to having a great time, instead, have a jacket and not wear it than not have a jacket when you need it.

Casual summer picks

Summer t-shirts

Bogart Man crew-neck bling t-shirt

You can never have enough t-shirts, and this one is perfect for that laid back casual everyday style. This t-shirt was made from breathable cotton material and sports a comfy c-neck cut. This shirt is typically worn by those who love creative and expressive men's t-shirts, with the comfortability to match. The striking design stands out and rises above the ordinary. Especially when paired with your favourite Bogart Man jean and sneakers.

Bogart Man wildcat t-shirt

Show off your wild side with this embossed Wildcat T-shirt this summer. The unique design and imprinted synthetic diamonds make a powerful statement wherever you go. You can never have enough designer t-shirts, and this one is no exception. Featuring the infamous Bogart typography above the print for a balanced aesthetic. This t-shirt was meant to be worn by those who value artistic expression. We suggest pairing this shirt with premium jeans and your favourite shoes for a unique and bold look.


Bogart Man modal v-neck t-shirt

We suggest adding one of these creative designer cotton print T-shirts to upgrade your summer style. Made from the softest cotton fabric to keep you cool, featuring an edgy V-neck cut. The Bogart wings crest design adds an appealing flair to this designer t-shirt. This shirt was meant to be worn by those who love unique men's fashion, with the comfortability to match. The striking design certainly makes a powerful statement, especially when paired with one of our premium jeans and matching shoes. Grab yours now in Black, Grey, Red or White and elevate your fashion game.

Bogart Eagle T-shirt

Fly higher than the rest with this graphic eagle t-shirt. Made from soft, premium cotton material and featuring a classic V-neck cut. Featuring a golden eagle which is outlined by delicate designer embellishments. This shirt is meant to be worn by those who love expressive and unique men's fashion, with the comfortability to match. The striking design certainly makes a powerful statement, especially when paired with matching dark jeans and sneakers. Grab yours now and elevate your fashion game.

Summer shorts

Premium Bogart Bermuda denim shorts

Our Premium Bermuda Denim Shorts are a must-have item for your casual wear closet. The creative design is sure to add loads of appeal to your attire. The custom embellishments are distinctly Bogart. The washed-out fade coupled with the torn accents and badge gives it a unique, stylish look that is sure to take your style game up a notch. These men's shorts are created from premium denim, guaranteeing the utmost quality and durability.

Spogi royal six-pocket Bermuda shorts

This designer SPOGI Royal Bermuda Shorts are essential to your casual wear collection. They exude high-end style and is sure to enhance your attire tremendously. These men's denim shorts have loads of character and charm. It has a more updated design with non-traditional pockets and cargo style side pockets. It also features robust construction ensures they are durable, while the premium quality denim affords it a comfortable fit.

Bogart Man aqua shorts

Get creative and have some fun with our aqua shorts. Complete your summer collection with a pair of striking aqua shorts. When you're hitting the beach this summer, these shorts will be your go-to. This pair features our classic black and red colours with other Bogart insignia on the waist. We've also added sturdy zips and pockets so that you'll have more than enough space for everything. Our shorts are made from 100% polyester and quick-drying fibre that's exceptionally comfortable.



Bogart Man double arch beach sandals

These Double Arch Beach Sandals are perfect for lazy summer days at the beach. The rubber sole and cushioned inner provides a comfortable fit. They feature a minimalistic design that is stylish and comfortable to wear. 

Bogart Man rainbow beach sandals

Our Rainbow Beach Sandals take the classic flip-flop sandal to the next level by making them fashion-forward and trendy. The plush inner sole provides unparalleled comfort, while the sturdy sole allows for a more durable sandal. These sandals are more than just essential footwear. The two-tone colour scheme and Bogart insignia give them a look of refined style and luxury. They are available in a red/black combination or a white/black combination.

Get it straight from our summer collection

Classy Jeans

Bogart Man UK Spogi denim

Our UK Themed SPOGI Denim Jeans are fantastic and trendy. They adhere to a more traditional design construction but has been updated with a few flourishes to give it a more current and stylish appeal. The classic blue is drastically enhanced by the washed-out effect. The detailed embroidery and distressed accents give it a unique and funky appearance.

Bogart Man slim-fit turn-up jeans

Turn up the heat this season with our classic slim-fit turn-up jeans. These navy blue slim fit jeans are easy to wear and always look good on the eyes. Classic but edgy these jeans will keep your denim collection fresh and trendy.

Bogart Man premium fine cut jeans

Our black Bogart fine cut jeans are a symbol of true craftsmanship. They are styled with embroidered scissors and distressing features that complement the fine-cut elegantly. These jeans are the perfect piece in your wardrobe to bridge the gap between smart-casual and formal. They are made from premium denim, tightly woven in a way that honours traditional techniques and favours the idea of mindful craft over mass production.


Summer formal shirts

Bogart Man Moda maple leaf formal shirt

Our latest dress-shirt collection signifies edgy, innovative design work. Turn heads this season with this Moda Maple leaf formal shirt and perfect your designer ensemble. Made from 100% premium cotton fabric to keep you comfortable all the time. The detailed maple leaf pattern and elegant Bogart insignia will have you looking fresher than ever.

Bogart Man Moda crown yacht formal shirt

This crown yacht dress shirt allows you to put the crown on your head. It adds the perfect blend of sophistication and luxury to any man's more formal ensemble. The cut-away collar sits comfortably around your neck, and the 100% premium cotton fabric keeps you comfortable all the time. The attention to detail and designer inspiration puts this shirt in a league of its own.

Bogart Man Blue Es Tyron formal shirt

Look formidable and dress to impress with our classic collared button-down Tyron collection shirt. You have the option of dressing it up for work or dressing it down for a more casual look and feel. It also comes in a wide variety of colours for you to choose from. Pair it with one of our premium jeans or stylish chino's to take your style game to the next level. Our button-down shirts exude confidence and sophistication that cannot be matched. Grab yours today and showcase your unique sense of style.

Revamp your summer wardrobe with Bogart Man and showcase your unique style. Whatever your holiday plans are, we've got you covered with multiple garments for different occasions.  To avoid disappointment and to receive your gifts on time, we suggest placing your orders online as soon as possible. We wish you a happy festive season and a happy new year. Thank you for all your support throughout 2021, and let's make 2022 unforgettable together.
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