The heart and Sole of Bogart sneakers

The heart and Sole of Bogart sneakers


Men and sneakers are like women and high heels. We just can’t get enough of these casual shoes.

They started from the bottom as “plimsolls” and worked their way into the hearts of plenty of men. Today we know them as sneakers, but they actually go way, way back. You see, back in the late 18th century shoes were made with hard leather soles which could be heard from a mile away and as you could imagine, not very comfortable.

The invention of rubber soles gave birth to sneakers and they were so silent you could sneak up on someone. Hence the name sneakers. The rubber soles also gave the wearer much more comfortability than those of hardened leather soles.

Since then sneakers have evolved into an essential item in any man’s casual wardrobe and designer sneakers have become must-haves. What some men don’t always realize is that sneakers tell a lot more about you than you would think.

Dressing in the wrong pair can put a dent in your sneaker flex. But rocking a pair that expresses your personality will definitely get the heads turning. And today we are showing you how to up your sneaker flex.

Bogart Man exclusively crafts designer sneakers with the intention of providing you with supreme quality, comfort and all the urban swag that our sneakers can provide. So if you’re a sneakerhead or avid collector, stick around because we will be featuring some of our hottest sneaker collections in this blog post.

You can also look forward to seeing how you can pair sneakers with a range of products that gives you complete outfits that you can shop online at your convenience.


Sneakers make a great investment towards any man’s outfit, they simply never go out of style and offer sneaker lovers the ultimate mix between high-end fashion and comfort. No matter which sneakers you settle on, it’s important to remember these few simple principles below on how to sport your new kicks.

Invest in sneakers that match your wardrobe

Avoid hopping on the “trending” train and stick to what your fashion game is all about. If you see something trendy that you like, of course, you should grab it, but avoid grabbing a pair of fresh kicks just because of the ‘hype’ around them.

When you invest in a pair of sneakers they should be complimenting what you already have to work with.

When the shoe fits

Yes, sneakers are versatile, but they aren’t substitutes for dress shoes, so when you throw them on, do so for the occasion. Sneakers allow you to get away with almost all casual outfits. Some sneakers can even be worn with semi-formal attire.

Keep them clean and crisp

Unless they are dirty by design, you should consider keeping them as clean as possible. Proper sneaker maintenance goes a long way. Not only will they look as good as the day you bought them, but you’ll also ensure their longevity so that you can wear them for years.

Sole mates

With so many shapes and sizes, styles and fabrics, things can become tricky knowing what’s most likely to suit your wardrobe and your taste.

Luckily at Bogart, we won’t leave you hanging so we’ve put together a sneaker guide that will give you an insight on how to shop online for the hottest sneakers on the block.

Casual sneakers


When you’re not busy at the office or working up a sweat while exercising, you’ll definitely want to invest in a solid pair of casual sneakers. Perfect for those Sunday catch-ups with friends or on a date night with your better half.

If you’ve got a casual event you need to go to, you better throw on a pair of casual dirty sole sneakers. The brogue design by Bogart makes these kicks completely unique and the fact that you can get them in three different colours makes it all the better.

On the other hand, contending for the best casual sneaker by Bogart man is this impressive Italian Fashion Sneaker. When you get yourself a pair of these, you’ll see for yourself how quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail come together. Owning a pair of these means you’ll have a strong casual shoe game for years to come.

Both of these classic designer sneakers will look fantastic with shorts, premium jeans or a classy chino. We all know a Bogart Man stands out amongst the crowd for good reason.

Taking things up to the next level and chasing the extraordinary is what you do best, and pairing these trendy casual sneakers with any Bogart tracksuit confirms why you are the best at what you do. 


Sport Sneakers


If you’re an active guy on the move and like to break a sweat every now and again, you’ll need sport sneakers that showcase your dedication to yourself. Nothing makes a bigger statement than these Dual-Shock sneakers.

The insoles are so comfortable it feels like you can walk on water. The no-fuss laces mean you don’t have to worry about them unravelling and the crisp white and optic blue design makes them extremely good on the eye.

Another favourite is these elastic lace rock sneakers. Not only does the red immediately catch your eye, the unique rock pattern design really sets these sneakers apart from the rest.

When you throw them on it’s almost like gravity fades and you become lighter, faster and stronger than you were before. The robust construction and comfortability is everything we love in a solid sneaker design.

At Bogart, we designed our sneakers to be versatile. The elastic lace rock sneaker can be paired with any of our premium fine jeans to get a completely different vibe and style out of them.


High-fashion sneakers



If you’re in the market for a new pair of sneakers, you won’t be sorry about these Urban two-tone sneakers. They have a classic tennis shoe construction and the Bogart branding on the heel make them incomparable. Crafted by men for men, they will add another level to any man’s wardrobe.

The cushioned inner sole and ankle collar means you won’t want to take them off. Did we mention they come in three separate colours for you to choose from?

Pair them with our premium aviation denim range and you will step up your fashion game without a doubt. In combination, they showcase a piece of your personality which people have been waiting to see. Make a bold statement and show them who leads the pack.

A man’s sneakers say a lot, so if you’re looking for a pair that’s bound to make a statement, these Velvet Logo Sneakers will do the trick. They were made for the true sneaker lover who appreciates high-end fashion as much as we do.

Fashioned from only the best materials to create the perfect balance between luxury and individuality. Enough Said!


Refined luxury sneakers


These Bordeaux Double Monk Sneakers might bear resemblance to classic sneakers, but they have transcended the sneaker game to become a statement of its own.

They are not the typical sneakers that you would wear to Ultra or Park acoustics. The modern minimalistic design makes them versatile enough to be paired with most casual and semi-formal attires. When you feel like making a statement, throw them on because they will do it for you.

Luxury sneakers and premium jeans go together like yin and yang. They perfectly balance out each other so adding a premium black check denim and the Ice black denim jacket with the double monk sneakers will afford you a look that’s second to none.


From plimsolls to high-end collector’s items, sneakers have and will always continue to captivate the hearts of men. There’s just something about putting on a pair of sneakers that you love, that hits differently.

When you do decide to invest in a pair of sneakers remember that comfort is key and opt for colours that match your wardrobe. Last but not least, if you want to wear them with confidence its best to give them a clean every once in a while.

Wearing the right type of sneakers that match the occasion is also crucial. For casual events or a night out with the boys, opt to go with tasteful sneakers to complete a trendy smart-casual ensemble.

When you have a semi-formal event coming up, opt for refined sneakers that let everyone know you are there to take care of business.

If you are looking to level up your sneaker game, shop our wide-ranging sneaker collection online now.

At Bogart, we offer you a variety of sneakers for every occasion. We pride ourselves in the various designs and vibrant colours our high-end sneaker collection has to offer.

Not only are our sneakers on-trend, but they’re also deceptively comfortable and when you put on a pair you’ll always be the coolest guy in the room.

Enough said.

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