Warming up your winter wardrobe

Warming up your winter wardrobe


As the season changes, naturally, so do our wardrobe. What you wear and how you pair your ensemble during winter is often overlooked but crucially important. Winter presents a unique opportunity for men. With all the layering options available, you’ll never look as dull as the weather.

It’s kind of an exciting time for fashion lovers and gives men comforting freedom. There are certain winter must-haves all men should have in their closet, not only to survive the winter but to look impeccably polished whilst braving on the cold.  

In this winter guide, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to put together a solid winter wardrobe that keeps you warm and on-trend. Check out what toasty items we’ve got for you.

The first line of defence

When it comes to keeping you warm, comfortable and stylish, we’ve got your back. Update your winter wardrobe and get some new pieces delivered straight to your door with Bogart man. You won’t even have to leave the comfort of home. You can simply stay cosy and order everything you need online.

Before we explore the winter guide, let’s dive into the composition of our clothing. Ever noticed some sweaters are warmer than others? Once you understand the fundamentals of fabric, you’ll save yourself from overheating or from freezing to death.

Cotton is the backbone of the clothing industry, and there’s a reason for it. First of all, its durable, reasonably soft, retains colour very well and regulates temperature fantastically. Anything you buy that cotton is an investment not only to yourself but to the planet too.

Cotton grows naturally, whereas polyester – not so much. On the other end of the spectrum, you get polyester which is a man-made fibre. The material is warm but not absorbent.

Now that you know a little more about the material composition, you can shop according to your needs.

You can explore your style and still be comfortable by:

  • Combining winter accessories with your winter wardrobe
  • Layering your clothes with matching colours
  • Wearing warmer fabric
  • Investing in a winter coat
  • Wearing winter-appropriate footwear

Jackets and sweaters


First up on our list of winter essentials is a jacket that’s not only versatile but a functional need too. Stay fresh in this rugged, military nuanced parka jacket. It comes in olive green, which provides the wearer with a whole range of styling options. For instance, you could pair it with brown chinos and dark brown boots for a look that features many natural colours and works well with winter’s hues. Or you could go the other route and pair this parka with a darker shade of denim and dress shoes.

Your outfit will be on-trend, and you’ll stay warm and cosy. On icy days you can always layer it with a sweater. One we think would work perfectly for layering is this Enough Said Cotton Sweater from our winter collection. Layer the olive jacket with this crisp white sweater for a bang on look this season.

Another alternative that’s sure to keep you warm and cosy during winter is this softshell sweater proudly made by Bogart. The great thing is they come in two colours, so you can grab yours in blue or grey to add some versatility to your casual winter wardrobe.

Winter office wear


Level up your office wear with this iconic smart casual jacket from Bogart. This is a jacket that will become your ride or die during winter because of its flexibility.

You can dress it up for a smart formal look or dress it down for a more casual approach. No matter what the occasion, this jacket won’t let you down. On days when you want to remain warm but need to impress at the office, opt to get yourself the Papa D Check Jacket.

You can dress this single-breasted jacket with a matching pair of trousers for a formal look, or you can simply dress it with a premium pair of jeans for a semi-formal look that’s bound to get you noticed. If you’re opting for a formal look, pair your outfit with proper dress shoes. If casual is what you’re going for, you can pair the check jacket and jeans with Chelsea boots.

Shop winter office wear

Cool casual attire


The classic winter casual outfit for any man is this sporty double zip tracksuit. It has a modern trendy look and will keep you comfortable and warm throughout winter.

Tracksuits are basically the “leatherman” of men’s fashion due to their multipurpose and versatility. You can rock them to the gym for a workout, or you can simply wear them as a casual outfit.

The great thing is you don’t have to compromise on style and comfort. This tracksuit has both. Grab yours in black or white and make a statement this winter season.

For the next section, we go back to the basics. Black jeans may seem plain, but our designers have made sure to embellish them so that they are anything but plain. No matter your style, the beauty of black jeans lies in the fact that they are for everyone. Any man, no matter his style preference, can rock a pair of black jeans.

If you want something just above casual, you can combine your black jeans with a button-up shirt and a matching sweater. Don’t forget to pair the semi-formal outfit with a neat pair of dress shoes to round off the look very well. Check out our torn black jeans, which has several elements that make them a unique pair of jeans.

Another couple of jeans to add to your fashion arsenal is these Spogi pitch-black jean which won’t let you down. Both of these jeans can be dressed up or down for any occasion that presents itself.

Smart casual outfits


Dressing smart takes little effort if you plan your ensemble properly. It allows the wearer to effortlessly blend style with creativity without compromise. An excellent place to start is pairing premium jeans with a button-up shirt and a retro jacket for a laid-back smart casual outfit.

Another alternative is to combine a pair of our fine Italian dark jeans with a designer jacket and some fancy dress shoes. If it’s not too cold on the day, you can swap out the designer jacket with a waistcoat and a formal shirt for a look that shows your superior taste in men’s fashion.

For a casual approach, you can swap out the traditional waistcoat with a denim one. The choice is entirely up to you. Just remember to match your shoes with a belt of the same colour. Never wear brown shoes with a black belt and vice versa.  


Jackets to get you through the winter

Picasso denim jacket

Just like the artist, this Picasso denim jacket is a real work of art. It was designed for the man who takes his fashion game seriously.

These jackets are worth every cent because you won’t find something similar, making you look as good as this jacket does. Everything about it showcases your unique fashion and style.

Denim Bling Jacket

These exclusive designer jackets are worn by men who dare to be bold, brave and stylish. The variety of design elements are simply out of this world and can’t be matched.

Pair this light denim jacket with matching jeans and some dress shoes for a look that speaks for itself. It features designer, torn accents that elevate your style even more.

Pair it with the right kind of dress shoes or loafers, and you’ve got a look that stands out amongst the rest.

Woven Cotton Hoody

This cotton woven hoody is an absolute winter must-have. The cotton material perfectly regulates body heat to ensure that you’re comfortable all the time. They are super soft and feature a creative woven pattern. Pair yours with a Bogart Jean and your favourite shoes for a cool casual winter look.

Winter boots we know you’ll like


Boots are great because they’re so versatile. You can wear them with a casual wardrobe and with a formal one. Buying a pair of quality boots is an investment you’ll thank yourself later for. If you don’t own a pair already, check out the boot collection below:

Plain leather boots

These boots will compliment almost any outfit you chose to wear. They are sturdy and robust, so you know they’ll last you a lifetime.

All our shoes are made from durable material without compromising on comfort. This pair can be purchased in navy and brown and features intricate stitching for exceptional quality and strength.

Leather Strap Boot

This boot immediately catches the eye thanks to its modish design and unique style. It features detailed stitching and striking red Bogart embroidery on the side of the strap, which takes this boot to the next level. It offers the wearer exceptional comfort and loads of versatility.

Visit our online store for the hottest men’s winter wear this season. Upgrade your winter wear collection and showcase your style. Remember, we offer free shipping on all orders above R1000. Get your favourite Bogart garments delivered safely to your door, conveniently and fast. Aspire to be great and shop with Bogart. – Enough said.

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