Winter essentials with Bogart Man


As the days become shorter with winter on the horizon, what you wear is incredibly important.

Winter is a beautiful time of the year and when it comes to dressing for the weather, certain items are considered absolute must-haves, so you can stay warm and look incredibly polished and stylish at the same time, without compromising your style.

If you’re in search of winter style inspiration in the icy temperatures, look no further. Bogart Man has some toasty and trendy wardrobe essentials for this coming Winter season. Our winter selections can be paired with one another to ensure that your style game is on point this year.

Read the full article below to get blown away by our winter collection, hopefully leaving you inspired and ready to showcase your personal style to the world. If you're just keen on shopping around to get a feel for what’s in store this winter, you can Shop our latest arrivals now




In this blog post, we will run you through our hottest men’s winter wear so that you can beat the cold without compromising on your style and feeling underdressed.

If you're looking for some new items to supplement your existing threads, or you're looking to replace a few of last year's favourite pieces, you've landed on the right page. We have it all at Bogart Man and our collections are sure to complete your seasonal wardrobe.

What trends and styles can we expect to see this winter season? 

Dressing correctly for winter ensures that you’re comfortable, warm and stylish. When you’re out there shivering from the cold you’ll end up looking more awkward than ever, but with our winter collection, you can remain comfortable and warm and still look stylish throughout the icy days that winter brings.  

Keep your style and dress for comfort by: 

  • Layering your clothes
  • Choosing winter-appropriate fabrics
  • Wearing some key winter accessories
  • Wearing the right winter coat
  • Wearing the right footwear

Concrete Jacket



Get the upper-hand this winter and beat the coolness of the concrete jungle with our super stylish concrete jacket. The geometric, almost graffiti-like pattern guarantees that you stand out from the rest.

Our signature Bogart Insignia on this warm, and comfy jacket adds loads of Bogart swagger and appeal. When you throw in a pair of spicy SPOGI Jeans into the mix, you can bet on setting the trends this coming winter.


Cotton Hoody Jacket



Looking for something lightweight and breathable? Look no further because we have got you covered. Literally!

This cotton hoody jacket is a must-have item to add to your wardrobe because it is here to make sure you are warm and covered during the misty coolness of winter. The subtle chevron pattern on the fabric and the orange accents give this jacket a hip and sporty feel, pair it with one of our premium jeans to get a classic and timeless look that’s suited for any Bogart Man, be it classy, simple and sophisticated. 


Woven Cotton Hoody

Cotton Hoodies


Unparalleled style meets unmatched versatility and comfortability with this woven cotton hoody. Our cotton hoodies are perfectly paired with our fashion-forward premium jeans, and to elevate your style, why don’t you throw in a signature Bogart cap to set yourself apart from the crowd.


Smart Casual Jacket

Smart Casual


Level up your layer game and rep an iconic Bogart smart casual jacket this coming winter. In a sleek black colourway, this jacket is made from premium fabric to keep you warm and feeling fresh. This jacket features a snug fit with a classic look to keep you comfortable and stylish throughout the cold winter months ahead. 


Classic Double Zip Tracksuit

Track Suits


Fresh from the trendy sophisticated Bogart collections, we’re bringing the Classic Double Zip Tracksuit out of retirement to update the timeless style for modern streetwear. With the signature black and red Bogart colours and red stripes down the zips and a sleek fit, you'll bring the classics back with sophisticated style this season.

These tracksuits are functional activewear and the slim designer fit gives it an immaculate finish. Pair it with our two-tone urban sneakers to knock the competition out of the park and become the MVP of the season.


Slim Fit Biker Jeans



You just cannot go wrong with these slim-fit biker jeans if you’re looking for a rugged look to match your Die-hard unapologetic attitude. The ribbed accents above the knees and layered pockets gives this jean its jagged biker look and feel. But before you hop on your bike and go for a drive strutting your style, ensure that you have the adequate shoes to match your look.

We suggest rocking our Triple Monk-Strap Leather Boots, that’s bold and robust and why not complete your biker outfit by getting yourself a medium sling bag to keep your essentials safe whilst travelling whether to work or to meet up with your crew. 

Premium Aviation Denim

Our aviation range is nothing less than premium sophistication that’s designed to highlight your quality sense of style. The Bogart crests below the right pocket are super trendy and show the world that your style game is out of this world. Don’t be left on the runway, fly your way out of the cold winter days exclusively with Bogart Man.

Cotton Stretch Chinos

Keep your look simple yet stylish with these Bogart Men's cotton stretch Chinos. They showcase a tapered cut, zip-down fly and two pockets at the hips. The clean lines, minimal detailing and two back pockets complete the design.

Dress them up with our stylish double monk Suede shoes and a trendy jacket to complete the urban-inspired look this winter. 





An impeccable and stylish suit is the uniform of success. By wearing a Bogart Man suit, you are showing the world that you are succeeding in life and that you are a boss like that.

Nothing showcases your success like our remarkable three-piece Window Pane Suit. So If you’ve got a big meeting coming up, impress the boardroom and take charge as a Bogart Man does. 

If you are bold, confident and don't mind being the centre of attention then our exclusive Gingham 3-Piece Check Suit has all the elements to make you radiate your sense of style and class.

The monochrome colour palette blends the various shades of grey seamlessly to create the perfect balance of style and elegance. Bogart suits are crafted from only the finest quality to ensure that you look the very best you possibly can. 




Every sophisticated Bogart Man recognizes the value of investing in a couple of premium ties and belts to match their classy attire. The correct tie and belt can add finesse to a suit and highlight its allure and stylish charm.

At Bogart, we have made sure to provide you with only the best quality and the trendiest looking winter accessories to ensure that when you wear our clothes, that you get the respect that you deserve. Attending any high-end function anytime soon?

Great, why not spice up your look and turn heads with this classic Humphrey straw hat? These hats are remarkably stylish and extremely comfortable to wear. 

If you are attending a function that requires formal attire, then our woollen plain tie and patterned tie range will do the trick. They come in numerous colours to choose from and our stylish and trendy ties will drastically enhance your look of confidence and sophistication.

Next up we’ve got the ultimate Auto-Plaque Glass Buckle Belt that features an all-black design and glass buckle that creates a look of elegance and lavish luxury. All our belts at Bogart Man are created from the finest quality leather and meticulous attention to detail is given to ensure that our elite clientele receives only the best that Bogart Man has to offer.

If your winter season involves a lot of travelling, then our stylish army-inspired duffel bag would make a great accomplice to your overall winter inspired look.  


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At Bogart, we are on a mission to bring you stylish high-end men’s winter fashion apparel, and we featured the products we’re 100% certain that will keep you warm, comfortable and super stylish. We have rolled up our sleeves to showcase only the best of the best when it comes to men’s winter fashion and ready to wear outfits for you. Our fashion tells a story and our story is bold, loud and trendsetting. 

We make fashionable garments for the driven and ambitious men of South Africa, who take pride in their appearance. We are represented by the dreamers, visionaries and committed men that chase their dreams and take action to get what they deserve. Respect!

We selected outfits for every possible occasion that might arise this winter season whether it includes going into the office to close that deal or spending quality family time or just catching up with the crew. From dressing up in a premium three-piece suit, to wearing something more casual for those days you spend at home.

We will have you looking like the smooth operator that you are, setting trends wherever you go. Shop our extensive premium men’s fashion apparel online here.  

A true Bogart Man knows what he wants and nothing will stop him from testing the limits. Why? Because a Bogart Man takes Action. He doesn’t wait for the pack, he leads it.


Enough Said!!


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