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The ultimate spring guide

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Spring is here, and that means taking some time to refresh your wardrobe for the new season ahead. After a long and cold winter, who wouldn't want to welcome the heat. It's time to hang up the heavy coats and pack away the chunky winter sweaters. Because spring is somewhere between winter and summer, it can be tricky to pick the right ensemble for different occasions. This Bogart man spring guide will help you dress even better this season. By constructing the fundamentals together, you will have loads of versatility in your spring wardrobe.

Classic casual outfits

Taking out the t-shirts

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As the weather heats up, it's time to take out the t-shirts and pack away your winter layers.  Luckily, at Bogart Man, we have an extensive range of different t-shirt styles, colours and designs for you to choose from. Making it easier to mix and match your spring wardrobe this season.

SPOGI Speech Bubble T-Shirt

This t-shirt allows you to be creative with your ensemble through its artistic touch. Made from soft cotton material and features a bold kings crest on the front. Pair this with dark SPOGI jeans and sneakers for a casual style that showcases your vibe. If you are going out for the night, we suggest having a jacket close by as the nights in early spring is still somewhat chilly.

SPOGI King T-Shirt

This t-shirt is another fan favourite. The striking visual print speaks volumes and certainly makes a powerful statement. The soft cotton material and v-neck cut make for a comfortable fit. When you pair it with any of our premium jeans, you instantly elevate your style. Wear it with a pair of loafers or urban sneakers for a well-rounded casual look.

Victory Collection T-Shirt

Keep it simple by dressing up in the Bogart Man victory t-shirt, which pairs well with a matching pair of jeans or shorts. We have them in red, white, grey and black, which gives you many options when dressing for a casual day out. Featuring a classic crew neck style and the elegant Bogart embroidery on the left chest, this t-shirt is a staple must-have this spring season.

Jeans to pair these t-shirts with

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Jeans are a staple because of the endless options they offer. You can wear them casually or dress them up for a semi-formal look. Wear them with sneakers or pair your jeans with boots. Perfect-fitting denim can complement any look, taking it from ordinary to exceptional. And a stylish, trendy choice of denim can be the focal point of your ensemble and highlight your personal style very well. There are so many options it is impossible to get bored with jeans. Below are some of the most popular jeans that we know you'll like.

Premium Fine Cut Jeans

This pair of fine cut jeans from Bogart Man are styled with the classic distressing look and light fades. It is the perfect piece to bridge the gap between smart-casual to semi-formal. The denim fabric is tightly woven to honour traditional techniques and favours the idea of mindful craft over mass production.

SPOGI Ideas Denim Jeans

Next up on our list of spring must-haves is this awesome SPOGI ideas denim which is also a trendy pick. It adds a lot of creative flairs, and when you dress in them, they transcend the ordinary looking jeans and shine the spotlight straight on you. The tapered cut means they fit perfectly, and the light blue colour means you can dress them up in several ways. For a casual look, pair them with boots or for a more formal look, pair them with a formal shirt and a waistcoat.

Smart Casual

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When dressing up for a lovely evening out, we suggest adding some colour to your ensemble. Top it off with either a blazer and a colourful formal shirt to stand out from the crowd. You can wear the ensemble with either boots, loafers or dress shoes. Just remember to match your belt with the same colour as your shoes. Here are some of our favourite picks.

The Bogart Man look

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The Papa D Check Suit Jacket comes in four different colours for you to choose from. You can grab yours in either blue, burgundy, green or black. But no matter your colour of choice, the clean-cut and tailored fit makes for a trendy jacket which you can pair with premium jeans and formal shoes. When choosing your formal collared shirt, you can visit our spring collection to see our wide range of Moda collection formal shirts. The Moda Rose Spring Shirt would look incredible with this overall ensemble, but so would the Moda Compass Yacht Formal Shirt. Luckily we have a wide selection online that you can choose from, and don't forget to visit our accessories to get yourself a matching belt.

Suits and Tuxedos

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When dressing in a suit or Tuxedo for any formal event, our range of formal wear won't let you down. Our suits are made for the distinguished gentlemen that values always looking good. We have given meticulous attention to detail to every suit we create, using only the most delicate fabrics to be worthy of a sharp gentleman. Dressing in one of our suites will showcase your class and sophistication.

The Gingham Check three-piece suit is the perfect way to showcase your sophistication, and it has all of the elements of a phenomenal suit. When you put it on, it radiates class and luxury with the complementing monochrome colours. Best of all, you can book a fitting session with one of our experienced tailors, where they come to do the fitting at your home. By getting a professional tailor to take your measurements, they can completely customise your suit to perfection. Making the overall look crisp and clean.  

Another option available to you when you really have to dress to impress is investing in the Bluewater tux jacket from Bogart Man. The construction of the tux jacket favours a more traditional tuxedo design with textured patterned fabric to give it a more modernised look. The slim cut and flawless well-crafted fit enhance its fantastic finish.

Spring Accessories for every man

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First up on our list of spring accessories, we will start with essentials every man should have, like this Bogart Man Vintage Duffel Barrel Bag. When travelling to different destinations, you can do so in style with this spacious leather duffel bag. This bag's sturdy zips and overall design construction embrace the true spirit of exploring unknown destinations to be celebrated with new friends we discover along the way.

When you are on your way to the office, this leather satchel bag will make the perfect companion, and it keeps all your valuables safe. It features a main compartment that can be used for larger or smaller items, and the outer pockets can store the things you need to access on the go.

Head Gear

Protect yourself from the harmful sun rays and cover your head in style with this Bogart Man bucket hat. They are available in two different colours: black or white. The denim material ensures they will last you a lifetime.

Accessories to complete the look

Belts are worn for both function and style, making them a great accessory to complete your look. They can either pull your outfit together or sabotage your whole look if you wear it wrong. For example, never wear a belt that does not match the colour of your shoes. Wearing a black belt with light brown leather shoes will just throw off the entire look. On the other hand, when you pair it well together, you will end up looking like you know what's up, and your ensemble will speak for itself.

Some of our most picked belts are featured below. Alternatively, you can jump over to our accessories collection online to see our entire range of belts.

Top Bogart Man belt collections:

top collection

Automatic Plaque Buckle Belt

These Plaque Buckle Belts are classically stylish and very sophisticated. They pair best with a formal outfit such as a suit.

Retro Chrome Buckle Belt

This Retro Chrome Buckle Formal Belt has a classy vintage feel. It follows a traditional frame style buckle design that finishes the entire ensemble to look stylish.

Logo Buckle Belt

These customised Bogart Logo Buckle Belts are as unique as they are exclusive. They were masterfully crafted to add a whole lot of style and flair to your casual or formal ensemble.

Clip-Lock Buckle Belt

Our exclusive Clip-Lock Buckle Belt is super trendy and original. 

The clip-lock buckle design is modern and improves wearability. These belts are stylish and would enhance the appeal of any ensemble, whether that's casual or semi-formal

September is a special month. Not only because we escape winter's cold, but because we celebrate our unique heritage as a South African nation. Most of us will celebrate heritage day with friends or family. Why not do it in true Bogart Man style. Shop online now and revamp your spring wardrobe to look fresher than ever. Enough Said.

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