Dressing for spring Like a true Bogart Man

Dressing for spring Like a true Bogart Man

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The time has come to ditch winter clothes and embrace the spring season in style with Bogart Man.

Men’s spring wear is all about light layers, colourful shirts, shorts, lightweight jackets, and comfortable shoes when you’re not in the office. And if you’re going into the office, you don’t need that heavy winter coat anymore. It’s time for cotton shirts, and suit combos to embrace the warmer weather and still keep your style on point. Dressing according to the season has several benefits such as the ones listed below.


  1. It gives a great first impression

Dressing well helps to make a great first impression that can increase your chances of getting noticed amongst a crowd. When you dress in a way that makes you appear to be on top of your game, chances are that the people you meet will not forget you.  

  1. It boosts self-confidence

Even though appearances aren’t the only things people assess in a person’s character, they can still help boost your confidence. Dressing up in that outfit you like may not solve all your problems, but it can make you feel like you will overcome them. 

  1. Dressing well attracts the right crowd.

You’d want to be surrounded by the right crowd with similar goals and ambitions that will keep you inspired. Once you’ve gained confidence through your clothing style, you will find yourself in good company with the right crowd you may meet along your journey towards success. 

  1. Dressing up keeps productivity flowing.

If you stay in comfortable home clothing like a plain shirt and sweatpants, staying in and relaxing all day will be tempting. By dressing up as if you’re going out or meeting someone, you’d be more motivated to take on the daily tasks without feeling underdressed or disheartened. 

  1. Reflects good character

Dressing your best at all times and staying well-groomed carries more than just confidence and first impressions. The way you decide to dress up and present yourself is how people will take you if you show you care about yourself by looking your best, and every opportunity given makes you stand out from the crowds. 


Easy spring attire you need this season

Attire cover

Put your best foot forward by dressing up for this spring season that will push you to the next level. Here you can discover the latest Spring style trends at Bogart Man.


Three t-shirts style tips: 

Despite your t-shirt, you can look awesome, but you need to know some secrets to look stylish in a t-shirt too – here 3 top tips on how: 


Tip 1: You must know your body type. 

You need to know the five main masculine body shapes and types and find the one that best fits yours to choose the correct t-shirt that will make you stand out. 

Tip 2: Pick the perfect fit. 

A t-shirt that fits perfectly should outline your body’s shape and not cause discomfort or limit your movements. T-shirts that fit correctly will enhance your masculine figure, so take time to find one that works for your body type. 

Tip 3: Go for solid or neutral colours.

You can’t go wrong with dark or neutral colours; they complement your masculinity. Here is a list of some main colours to look at when getting a t-shirt: 

-     Gray: This can match up well with many combinations; you can go lighter or even darker with your outfit. 

-     White: Wearing a plain white t-shirt can enhance any outfit; it lightens up the dark colours you choose to combine with the style. 

-     Navy: The navy shirt is mostly preferable to black and works great with wearing dark jeans. 

-     Black: The black colour is useful for dark outfits, which makes you stand out boldly. 

Spring t-shirts for you


Spogi King

Just like every king needs a crown, every Bogart Man should have this Spogi King t-shirt in their spring collection. It’s a great piece to have due to its versatility. You can dress this shirt up or down, depending on the occasion. Add a pair of shorts and sandals for a casual outfit, or dress it up in a pair of jeans and lace-up shoes, for a statement piece combo.

Signature C-Neck T-Shirt

These cotton shirts will not only have you stand out from the crowd, but it will also keep you cool too. This range features our tastefully added insignia, designed to make a powerful statement everywhere you go.

Modal Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt

Upgrade your closet and add one of these creative designer cotton print T-shirts. Made from the softest, cotton fabric, featuring an edgy V-neck cut. The Bogart wings crest design adds an appealing flair to any ensemble.

Formal spring shirts

When it comes to dressing formally during spring, plenty of men dread the idea of dressing in a long-sleeve shirt. No one likes the idea of overheating while trying to remain calm and collected. One tip we have for you is to get yourself at least three to five formal shirts made from cotton material. As cotton keeps the body well regulated.

Blue Moda maple leaf formal shirt

These formal shirts from our Moda collection turn heads, no matter where you go. It’s made from premium cotton fabric which helps the body regulate heat, keeping you cool on hot spring days. It will make the perfect addition to your office attire, and you can pair it with jeans, chinos and formal trousers.

Black Moda Crown Yacht Formal Shirt

This crown yacht dress shirt allows you to put the crown on your head. It adds the perfect blend of sophistication and luxury to any man’s more formal ensemble. Pair it three ways with a jean, chinos or formal trousers. And don’t forget to add matching shoes.


3 Most recommended jean styles:

Jeans – you can’t go wrong with them. They are the most matching item for any man’s outfit. Here are the top 3 jeans that we recommended for this spring seasons fashion: 


#1 Straight jeans

The cut of the trouser legs falls straight from the knee to the hem of the jeans. The fit and legs are typically looser, which means that the diameter of your thighs, knees, calf, and ankles remain the same without displaying a tight fit. The best way to combine straight jeans with an outfit is to go for looser layers such as denim shirts; try not to go for a tight-fitting shirt as this will not have a consistent look. 

#2 Skinny jeans

One of the most popular and known jeans is skinny jeans. The cut of these jeans is close to the shape of the legs, but with more flexibility that can make you appear taller due to the shaped finish from top to bottom. Skinny jeans are a preferred choice for a smart casual look and look great with fitted or collared t-shirts or even casual blazers and light-fitted jackets.

#3 Slim jeans

Most men go for this cut because they balance fit and comfort. Slim jeans follow the shape of your legs without a tightening feel as skinny jeans do. The comfortable fit of slim jeans can be combined with anything, such as fitted t-shirts to casual suits, to form a full desired outfit. 


When shorts are appropriate and the right way, they should fit

There have been many misconceptions about wearing shorts; men think wearing shorts is inappropriate. However, some of this can be an old-fashioned thing. The appropriate time for men to wear shorts is when there’s a valid reason, such as warm temperatures, swimming or even lounging at home and when you’re not attending any business meetings or formal events.

On the other hand, you need to ensure that the shorts fit you correctly, so you look your best at all times. Look for tailored shorts that will fit you well with freedom of movement, keep in mind that they shouldn’t be baggy or hanging off of you. 


Dos and Don’ts of wearing sandals in spring

Dos and Donts Cover

Sandals for men have slowly become a must-have style for the warmer seasons


Here we have listed the dos and don’ts of wearing sandals in the spring season: 

The Dos of men’s sandals:

  1. Ensure that the pair of sandals fit your style; you wouldn’t want them to break your outfit. 
  2. Take care of your feet by ensuring that you trim your toenails and keep your feet moisturised. 
  3. Pick a sandal that is right for an activity you’ll be doing, such as long-distance walking; such activities need a sandal with a comfortable footbed or even a back strap to avoid blisters, 

The Don’ts of men’s sandals:

  1. Don’t be afraid of wearing socks with sandals; occasionally, it can be a great way to add more comfort. 
  2. Don’t wear sandals on colder days; they are for the days of sunshine and warmth. 
  3. Don’t go for sandals made of plastic, rubber or low quality because they can cause blisters and may break halfway through your walk. Try going for a pair that’s a little more of an investment, like leather or cotton, which gives more comfort and may last longer. 


We hope this spring guide helps you dress more confident during spring. Choosing the right spring combo outfits can be tricky, but we’ve done the hard work for you. If you’re not sure how to upgrade your closet, visit us in-store and a stylist will sort you out. Our jump online and shop our spring collection, t-shirt collection all our other clothing collections. Remember life is too short to dress ordinary. Take your look to new heights with Bogart Man.

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