Effortless summer styles just for you

Summer is finally here! That means it’s time to refresh your wardrobe with bright colors, lighter fabrics and easy-going silhouettes. As the heat increases, every man prepares to look the part, but sometimes it gets tricky. The golden question is how can you look sharper than ever, without overheating in the sunny summer rays?

Summer used to be an excuse to dress-down but these days, men are using it as an opportunity to dress-up. By cleverly combining your summer outfits, you not only look hella good, but it also means you stay comfortable and snazzy – all the time.

In this summer guide, we will be showcasing some of our amazing summer collections. Which is sure to keep you cool and comfortable and of course, polished at all times. You’ll learn what fabrics to pick for your summer wardrobe and how to rock color and floral-print this season. We will also be running down some vibrant outfits that you can add to your basket to receive a custom designer outfit, without the headache of putting one together.  

Floral print made itself into menswear via the infamous Hawaiian print t-shirts. Its large spread appeal allowed designers to work with floral print outside of the traditional vacation button-down shirt. The good news is that floral print has moved away from just incorporating tropical print and have now included African, native American and the traditional English floral print. The floral print showcases the interest in global fashion and the willingness to kick things up a notch. Without further ado, here are our latest floral-inspired shirts that will have you looking brighter than ever this season. 

Moda Sun Flower Shirt

This floral sunflower inspired button-down shirt will have you feeling comfortable and looking good – all the time. It’s the perfect sidekick when you’re heading for some social time with friends. Whether you feel like dressing up or down, this shirt works well both ways. Pair it with linen Bermuda shorts and a pair of stylish sneakers for an outfit that transcends the mundane.


Moda Crown Diamond Shirt

This premium button-down shirt is one for all the kings out there. Designed for the icons, the risk-takers and the pioneers, this shirt will reflect your inner Inkosi (King). If you’ve got a formal event coming up this summer, adding this shirt to your collection will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Dress them up together with a premium jean and explore the countless opportunities that await your fashion game this season.   


Moda Rose Spring Shirt

Next up we’ve got our highly fashionable floral rose spring collection button-down shirt. If you’ve got a big event coming up and you want to elevate your summer wardrobe. This floral-inspired shirt sits as comfortably around the neck as it is on the eye. Dress it up in light blue premium jeans and a pair of matching loafers for a well-rounded designer outfit. Or dress it down in stylish summer shorts and a pair of first-class loafers.

Moda Crown Yacht Shirt

Our crown yacht button-down shirts offer construction details like no other. The designer crown pattern provides a subtle and neat finish to any smart-casual outfit. But if you want to kick things up a notch you can pair it with a charcoal or black premium denim and a stylish pair of dress shoes. The premium cotton fabric is out of this world and is designed to keep your style game on point and keep you comfortable at the same time.

Moda Paisley Formal Shirt

This season you can refresh your dress-shirt collection with a modernized paisley design to match your tailored style. If you’ve got a formal event coming up this shirt will rep your style on your behalf. Pair it with light grey formal pants, a pair of stylish dress-shoes and a distinctive Bogart belt for a versatile formal ensemble. Designed for those who appreciate premium luxury clothing that gives you the confidence to showcase your inner Bogart Man.

Scorching summer collections

Ever walk into a store, looking for something new and interesting but you’re not quite sure what it is you’re looking for? Well, Gentlemen, the struggle is over. Not only are we here to wow you with our fantastic summer Moda collection shirts, we too have selected complete ensembles hand-picked by our designers just for you. Now you can pick, choose, mix and match some of your favorite ready to wear collections for every occasion that arises this summer season.  The best thing is, you get to shop from the comfort of your home. You’re just a few clicks away from looking your best. So hurry and shop online now.


Premium Athleisure

First up we’ve got the humble tracksuit that has come a long way. Now loved by celebrities on the move, CEO and millions of men around the world. The tracksuit has become an all-time favorite when mixing comfort with style. By virtue of their name, tracksuits form part of an activewear ensemble but that’s up to you.

The first summer outfit suggestion that we’ve got is getting a pair of these comfy Red & Black Trackpants that features tapered calves for a more streamlined silhouette and an athletic look. Add the striking red big B t-shirt and these amazing urban velvet sneakers for the ultimate tracksuit ensemble. The soft cotton pants and t-shirt not only gives you supreme comfort but a little bit of activewear style too.

Spicy Italia

The next ready to wear outfit that we think you would love, is this Italian inspired ensemble. Perfect for a night out on the town or a casual dinner party with a bunch of friends. Now you can dress well and remain comfortable without compromise. This ensemble features an Italian V-neck t-shirt, a fine Italia Denim and last but not least a pair of Italian fashion sneakers. The next time you’ve got somewhere to go to you can step out in style and showcase your swag.

Skhothane Ke mang?

For our third summer outfit, we’ve picked an outfit that displays your passion for high-end style. The skhothane beach set was designed with a contemporary touch to showcase your swag. The versatility this ensemble offers you means that you can wear it to any casual occasion without looking averagely casual. You can kick things up a notch and rock this ensemble with a pair of loafers or premium sneakers.  The good news is you can pick your favorite because these come in black, white and royal blue. Kick back and relax like a true Skhothane this summer.


Business casual

We’ve taken the guesswork out of what to dress for summer, especially on occasions that require you to dress things up a bit. You can keep things sharp with a pair of our newly released premium fine cut jeans and a striking tiger rose t-shirt. Our fine-cut range features bold and intriguing Bogart designer detailing and insignia with ripped accents and zip on each ankle. Level up your summer collection and pair it with Italian fashion sneakers and a clip-lock belt for a touch of sophistication and individuality.

Modern Casual

The last summer outfit we suggest you get this season, is this flexible smooth casual ensemble. The Italian inspired colors on the jean and lion t-shirt instantly get you recognized for dressing sharp. With added paint drip effects and slightly torn accents, these jeans were meant to be worn by fashionable gentlemen who appreciates and values fine fashion. This outfit can be worn to casual events and will work even when you need to kick things up a notch. Just pair it with dress-shoes and you’re good to go. However, if you’re just hanging out with friend’s slip on a pair of sandals to relax in style.

Men’s casual wear is very much influenced by the trends, from high-end to streetwear. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work in ensuring that when you dress in Bogart this summer, you look like a million bucks. Our summer collection future-proofs your summer wardrobe with pieces every man should own. All of our outfits were designed to showcase your masculinity and certainly demands respect.

Our summer collection pieces can all be pulled off with our premium jeans, but if you want to change your outfit completely you can wear them with chinos instead. Either way, you’ll end up looking fresher than ever. Revamp your summer attire and get ready to showcase your sophisticated side. Shop online now and get your entire wardrobe delivered straight to your door.

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