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bogart man

It is a proven fact that dressing up makes you feel good. It gives you the confidence you need to conquer the world. Just take a look at any Bogart Man, and you’ll see people who are driven, ambitious and naturally successful. Is it because they dress to impress? That’s up to you to decide. The outfits you choose to wear will undoubtedly play a role in other’s perception of who you are. Therefore, whenever you step outside the house, you need to look your very best. You owe it to yourself. 

A typical day in the life of a Bogart man consists of a lot of things. But it usually starts out with an early morning workout. Even when heading to the gym, they will rock athletic attire to match their personality. It’s the small things that make a big difference, and that’s something Bogart men are all too familiar with. 

They’ve got clothing collections for every occasion or event that they attend because looking good is the top priority. From athletic attire to business formal, they’ve got it all and so can you. Heck, we’ve made it so easy, you can shop and revamp your entire wardrobe from the comfort of your home. Cause we all know Bogart men don’t have the time to stand in queues, they hustle non-stop and make sure the deals get signed. 

We realize that some might not have a clue on where to start constructing a wardrobe that shows their success, sophistication, dominance and energetic side. No need to panic cause we’re here to help. In this article, we will be running you through everyday events in the life of a Bogart Man and give you some inspiration. The next time you need to make a lasting impression just refer back to these style tips. 


Activewear collection

Clothes have a language of their own. What you decide to wear to the gym speaks volumes of your personality type. If you are assertive, dominant and energetic, you need to wear clothes that reflect who you are. On the days when you’re heading to the gym, you can do so in style. This signature “Big B” v-neck T-shirt combined with our red & black track pants and a pair of lit sneakers is a classic activewear ensemble. It will give you all the confidence in the world to ace your workout. Another option available to you is this Bogart space tracksuit that’s sure to turn some heads whilst keeping your body regulated and comfy. Pair it with urban sneakers, or perhaps you like the simplicity of these dual-shock sneakers



Meetings with clients 

If you operate like a Bogart Man, you’re probably meeting clients at one of the many legacy lifestyle hotels. If that’s the case, you require a definite go-to outfit for the meeting. You can opt to go for a business casual look when it’s more of a lunch than a meeting. Or opt for a three-piece suit that will be nothing short of immaculate. 

If your meeting is more of a casual vibe, you can still dress to impress. We’ve done the hard work for you, below is a full outfit that will undoubtedly earn you ‘a seat at the table’ and get you the respect you deserve. Best of all is that you can have this entire outfit in just a few clicks of a button, and we’ll deliver it straight to your door – hassle-free. 



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Classy casual

So when you are having a casual lunch meeting with a client. We suggest wearing a pair of premium studded jeans, combined with our infamous Pappa D green waistcoat and a formal paisley shirt to add to your look. Now, what’s an outfit without a pair of boots and a belt to match? Our suede Chelsey boots paired with an auto-lock buckle leather belt will elevate your style to another level. As you probably know, every hustler needs to have a briefcase to keep the valuables safe. That’s why we suggest this corporate leather briefcase and while you’re at it, grab a matching leather wallet for a look that’s designed by stylists for all the Bogart men out there. 



The Closer 

Wearing a suit symbolizes your stature and success, so make sure to find one that compliments your body shape. An excellent choice for any man new to suits is a classic grey three-piece such as our Graph Check three-piece suit and a crisp white shirt. Go the extra mile and add a striking pair of formal shoes and a matching belt for a look that says ‘This guy means serious business’. You can kick it up a notch by adding a vintage leather briefcase and a matching wallet. If the meeting requires a tie, we’ve got you covered too. Our wide range of formal accessories is there to help you put together an outfit that’s sophisticated and classy. 

Dinner with your significant other


Keep it cool casual

On a night out with your significant other, whether it’s a date or a dinner with your wife, you’ll want to look your best. Take her out to the magnificent Leonardo hotel for an evening of fine dining. Wine, dine and relax in ultimate style. On your night out, we suggest rocking something that showcases your style and your friendlier casual side. You can do this by pairing this redlining denim with a Picasso denim jacket and a Moda crown yacht shirt which will bring the outfit together.

As you know by now, no ensemble is complete without a pair of shoes and a matching belt. Therefore, we suggest opting for something a bit more playful and sophisticated. Such as this pair of Italian oak loafers and this auto-plaque glass buckle belt for a trim-finish. 

enough said

Or turn up the heat 

However, if you want to step up your game, there’s nothing better than wearing a tailored three-piece suit. As we mentioned above, what you wear tells others a lot about your personality type. If you want to make a lasting first impression on a date, you can do so with a proper suit. One that we recommend is this burgundy 3-Piece check suit. And to ensure you look the very best, we strongly recommend making use of our door-to-door fitment service. We’ll send out a tailor to your home and give you an experience like no other. For a classically well-put-together ensemble, top yours off with a pair of classic black formal shoes and a matching black belt

Look sharp, to be sharp.

The clothes you decide to wear and the way you groom yourself will let people know what you have to say. Subconsciously you’ll tell them whether you take your style seriously or not. For those that do take their fashion seriously – Looking good is non-negotiable. What you wear to the office or to a meeting will be the deciding factor between sealing the deal or leaving empty-handed. Of course, at the office, you want to earn a seat at the table and be taken seriously, so dress the part to look the part. Dressing well not only lets everyone know that you’re on a league of your own, but it also gives you the confidence you need to take the world by storm. Just take a look at Bogart Men – Have you ever seen one with his head down? Certainly not! Those who dress to impress are leaders of their pack. They take action and aren’t afraid to show it. You can be a Bogart Man! Just start dressing like one to earn the respect you deserve. 


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