Step into summer like a Bogart Man


This summer is going to be one like we’ve never experienced before. It was a strange year, but that’s not going to stop us from having a good summer this December. As we approach the festive season, many of us will be more socially active than we’ve been in a while. Summer also means leisure time with friends and family, and for some, it means travelling abroad.

Summer does, however, present a set of challenges for the men who raise the bar when it comes to expressing themselves through their fashion. For most men, summer means bright shorts, tank-tops and sandals. But for the man who values standing out amongst the crowd, those super casual outfits just don’t cut it. The big question is, how do you stand out in a sea full of flip-flops and baggy shorts? Well, dress with Bogart man, and you’ll do exactly just that. Stand out.

It can be hard choosing all of the outfits you need for office year-end parties, family dinners or even when you are heading to the beach. But this year it won’t be hard, because we’ve got your back. In this article, we will be running you through all of the potential outfits you need to rock December in style. Best of all is that you can relax at home and shop online for the best that Bogart menswear has to offer.


A trip to the beach

You’re finally done with work, and now you get to relax at the beach with friends and family. Make a statement and get yourself a pair of Bogart Aqua shorts, these are sure to breathe new life into your summer beachwear collection. Dress it in a Spogi Lycra T-Shirt. The classic SPOGI crown design makes a powerful statement, showing the world you are the King. But what’s beachwear without a stylish pair of sandals? To complete your Bogart beach outfit, we suggest adding these rainbow beach sandals to your shopping cart. They offer comfort like no other pair of sandals, and they round off your beach outfit very well. Last but not least, protect yourself from the sunny summer rays with a Humphrey Straw Hat. Classic straw hats are a great addition to any man’s beachwear wardrobe.


Another alternative available to you is hitting the beach in your fresh Skhothane Beach Set. Team it up with a classic Humphrey straw hat to look like the hustler that you are. Slip-on a comfy pair of Bogart sandals and you can be assured that you’ll be the best-dressed man this December.


Casual dinner parties with friends

Classic jeans and t-shirt combination is ideal for attending parties with friends. The casual outfit gives off a relaxed vibe, meaning you can be comfortable and enjoy yourself. Start your outfit with a pair of our SPOGI Ideas jeans and combine it with an artistic Terminator t-shirt from Bogart. Kick things up a notch and complete your casual outfit with a couple of Italian fashion sneakers and a matching auto-lock leather belt. For the cooler days, layer this outfit with a puffed cotton hoody or a trendy denim jacket. Looking good has never been so easy.

Formal Shirts

Dinner parties with family

Dinner with family usually requires a smart casual outfit. To simplify things for you, we’ve chosen the perfect outfit for you to wear to family dinner parties this season. First up we recommend wearing a premium jean that’s a bit fancier than your casual ones. Team it up with this navy blue Es Tyron shirt, and pair it with these magnificent Chelsea suede boots for a classically well-put-together look. If the temperatures drop to add an Ice black denim jacket to your outfit and strut your style.

Braai time with friends

Decembers are the perfect time to relax a little and have a braai with friends. So the next time you’re off to a Shisa nyama with friends, we suggest going cool casual. The ultimate braai outfit consists of premium Bermuda jeans shorts, combined with a SPOGI speech bubble t-shirt that expresses your fun and artistic side. When it comes to what to put on your feet, you have two choices. You can either opt for a pair of sneakers or a pair of sandals, depending on your vibe. If you’re looking for sneakers that match your braai outfit, we suggest getting a pair of these Urban Velvet Sneakers. They’ll undoubtedly compliment your look and keep you comfy at the same time. Although if you would like to go for a completely casual outfit, we suggest opting for a pair of sandals that matches your attire.


Leisure time your spouse

Now that you’ve got more time on your hands, you’ll probably sneak in a date night or two this December. But when you do, you need to look your best. That’s why we’ve compiled the perfect date night outfit you can wear to relax in style this December. First up we’ve got the Diagonal Stitch Jeans that features a modish design and detailed construction. Team it up with this striking floral Houndstooth yacht shirt and a pair of our signature Bogart loafers. To finish off your outfit for date night, grab a retro chrome belt that matches the outfit. And don’t forget your mask, when you are heading out with Bae. Shop our masks collection and chose one that will suit your outfit on date night.


Corporate year-end outfits

When it comes to dressing appropriately for your year-end get together, business casual is your go-to outfit. Attitude and appearance matter so make the most out of your corporate party and dress to impress. With this type of events, you can decide between dressing up or keep it business casual. If you do decide to dress it up this year for your office party, why not impress everyone with your fashion game.

If you want to make a statement, this 3-Piece Check Blazer Suit will get you all the attention. However, if you’re not in the mood for a suit, you can dress up in a premium jean, button-down shirt and a pair of dress shoes to match. A black jean will add a stylish appeal to your outfit, such as the Premium studded denim by Bogart. And when it comes to selecting a shirt for the party, this Moda crown yacht shirt will help elevate your status at the office. But what’s an outfit without a pair of stylish dress shoes? For your footwear, we suggest looking at these toe-cap formal suede shoes. The dark suede fabric will blend in very well with the overall appeal of this ensemble.



Accessories for the summer season

This summer, you can look stylish in our locally produced face masks that will keep you safe without compromising your style.  And if you are travelling this December, we have got a wide range of travel accessories that will keep you stylish and your belongings safe. Visit our online store accessories collection and see for yourself. Plus, if you are still unsure what to get a special someone, men and accessories go hand in hand. Below are some awesome gifting accessories for you to choose form.

Vintage Duffel Barrel Bag

If you are planning on travelling to thrilling destinations, you can do so in style with the vintage duffel bag. The sleek and simplistic design combined with a tan monogram colour makes it easy on the eye, and the comfortable handle makes it easy to carry—a gift any man would love.

Vintage Corporate Briefcase

This vintage briefcase also makes an excellent gift for the man who appreciates high-end accessories. Your loved one can always look his best when he is heading to the office to take care of business. This is truly a great “wingman” to have at your side. Spoil your significant other with a corporate briefcase so that he can have the confidence to take on 2021.

As we head into summer, we get ready to relax and spend some time with our friends and loved ones. This does not mean dressing well is any less of a priority. Oh no, the Bogart Man makes dressing well every day a top priority. Fashion is the greatest way of self-expression, and Bogart men know this all too well. Whether you want to expand your summer collection, shop for a gift or simply just browsing about, we’ve got something to suit everyone.


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