The Bogart Man dress code


Choosing what to wear for your next casual or formal event can be tricky. So we have done the heavy lifting and made things easier for you when you need to get something fresh for your next event.

At Bogart Man, we believe that dressing well is like an art form. For men, it’s one of a select few ways of authentically expressing themselves and letting the world know who they are. Plus, dressing well boosts your confidence. That’s why a well-curated wardrobe is a necessity, and investing in quality clothing is essential. 

In this post, we will be running through multiple outfits for different events you’ll likely attend in the future. Some guys spend heaps of cash trying different menswear, and they still get it wrong. To prevent that, you can simply follow the tips or just go ahead and shop the looks you see in this blog post.                                                                                                    



We believe that your style should reflect your personality, whether you’re dressing up or down, going out or staying in. On your journey to find your personal style, we suggest looking at what inspires you or thinking about how you want the world to perceive you. Ultimately you should be finding clothing that speaks to you. Therefore, you will need to experiment and take risks with what works for you and what doesn’t. As you evolve, so will your taste in clothing. The pursuit of finding one’s style is an ongoing life journey if you love fashion as much as we do at Bogart Man.


As the saying goes, “Trends come and go, but classics stay forever”. And Bogart jeans are no exception. Jeans, in general, have been serving men for decades, first worn by those working jobs that needed sturdy fabric. Now, jeans have become somewhat of a statement piece worn by men, allowing them to express themselves authentically and creatively.

A pair of jeans that would help you do precisely this is the Dark Dirty Stretch Jeans which is new on our shelves. It already has that classic sought after worn look, and it combines comfort with style. Upon closer inspection, you will notice Bogart’s finest craftsmanship come to life. This pair is also versatile, so you can style it with a dress shirt or just a regular t-shirt, but if you want to have the complete Bogart man look, add a pair of sneakers or loafers to your basket.

Another casual classic is this Dark Paint-Spill Stretch Jeans that creates an impeccable look without even trying. These jeans are made for style and comfort, hence the unique paint spill pattern on the leg pipes and stretchy material for extra ease. It features a sanforised finish which means that it won’t shrink when you wash it.

Last but not least on our list of classic jeans that will never fade out of style is the SPOGI Pocket Waves Denim. It also features a slight paint spill effect, but what really stands out is the exceptional craftsmanship and detailing of the stitch work that can be seen on the back pockets. Because it is dark, we recommend pairing it with a contrasting colour such as a white t-shirt. Or, for an outfit that stands out more, pair it with a red t-shirt. Upgrade the complete look with a matching pair of sneakers or pair it with loafers for a semi-formal look.


There is a time and place where a particular dress code is required. Attending a wedding in a pair of slops will get you funny looks, and so will attending a social event in a tuxedo. The point here is to think about the event before you simply throw on any pair of clothes. Think about the weather too. Will the temperature drop after dark? Will it get hotter after lunch? These small factors will play a role in dressing appropriately, not only for the occasion but also for the weather.

There is a select few who know the difference between smart business compared to smart casual. Getting it right will boost your confidence whereas, getting it wrong might knock the ego. That is why it’s crucial to know the difference. Below are smart business outfit combinations followed by smart casual combos.


The B-side Pocket Trouser will elevate any man’s style game the moment he puts them on. The navy colour these trousers come in will pair exceptionally well with this crisp white formal shirt from Bogart Man. The navy and white combo can be finished off with brown dress shoes and a matching belt which you can shop online from our shoe and accessories collection.

On the other end of the trouser spectrum is this sophisticated Bishop Stretch Trouser which will pair well with the black and yellow Moda Crown Yacht Formal Shirt. We suggest pairing this combo with a pair of black dress shoes and a matching black belt to complete the entire look.


When attending a business event where the dress code requires dressing up, we suggest pairing your outfit with the Diamond Tailored Jacket. It provides a perfect fit due to the tailored cut, and you will look remarkably stylish when wearing it. It features high notched lapels, and the flap pockets enhance the jacket’s appeal. Get yours in a range of colours consisting of brown, burgundy and light blue. 

Another option when it comes to blazers is this astonishing Rainbow Thread Blazer that offers a vintage appeal. You can dress them up with formal trousers or a neat pair of chinos depending on the occasion, of course. The material has a luxurious texture, while the colourful woven thread gives it a unique look and feel. The peak lapels on this blazer and tailored cut ensure you look good the moment you put it on.


Should you not have time to mix and match blazers, formal shirts and trousers, you always have the option of buying a complete Bogart Man suit. We offer an assortment of formal suits ranging from a classic tuxedo to a bold suit. Our suits are perfect for the business world and are sure to help you make a lasting impression wherever you go.

Look exceptional at your following formal function in this Argyle styled check suit. Some argue that plaid suits could potentially outlast time itself, so buying one is probably the best clothing investment you could make. The argyle patterns combined with the blue waistcoat beautifully balances this three-piece suit. 

An additional suit to check out is the Owen Elastane Classic Suit. A black suit is the go-to for many men attending weddings, business events or where it’s part of the dress code. The next time you are heading to a formal function that requires you to wear a suit, this Owen classic suit won’t let you down. Pair it with black formal shoes and a matching black belt which you can all shop online from our shoes collection and accessories collection.


Every man should invest in fashion accessories to upscale or complete their look. We wholeheartedly believe that gentlemen’s accessories are more than add-ons. They actually have a practical function. In our accessories collection, you will find several functional products such as travel bags, wallets, belts, suit accessories, and so much more. Just pop over to our vast collection online to see for yourself how you can upgrade your look from acceptable to incredible.

Whether you need to dress up or down, Bogart Man has something for every event or occasion. As the icy temperatures slowly turn warmer, we are preparing for a sunny spring. But before it arrives, perhaps it is time to consider cleaning out your wardrobe and upgrading it this year. Dress confidently by feeling comfortable and in control. We recommend the first step you should take when dressing with more confidence is upgrading staples such as jeans, t-shirts, shoes and formal wear.

Having your suit tailored to compliment your body shape is a necessity, not an option. That’s why Bogart man offers its clientele the option of booking a suit fitment in the comfort of their home. One of our tailors will come to your preferred location and help you select the perfect suit for you. Shop our casual and formal collections for some much-needed inspiration as you get ready to pack away winters clothes and prepare for the new season ahead.
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