Empowering Change



Artist - Content Creator 

Join Taki's team and become part of an inspiring journey that blends creativity with compassion. By joining Taki, you’re not only backing a masterful storyteller, but you are putting your organization one step closer to winning the Bogart Man prize. Taki’s dynamic performances and compelling content have the power to entertain, enlighten, and empower. Your involvement will help amplify these efforts, fostering a community dedicated to positive change. Stand with Taki and be a catalyst for impact—together, we can achieve remarkable things and create lasting legacies.


Taki is a prolific content creator, producing both light-hearted and thought-provoking content. With over 15 years in the performance and creative space, Taki remains committed to storytelling, aiming to leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide through his dynamic performances and compelling content creation. Taki's content is a testament to his compassion and philanthropic desire, leveraging his vast audience to rally support for causes close to his heart. A charismatic man of influence, Taki uses his platform to amplify his efforts to assist those in need. Taki is taking part in the Bogart Man Pass the hat campaign because lending a helping hand has always been one of his many passions. Through his skills and abilities, and of course your involvement, he can make someone’s life better. Now, he calls on you to link arms with him during this challenge and make a meaningful difference together.