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Eli Saig

Eli Saig

23 years ago, a young, dynamic, Israeli man began a career in South Africa, Johannesburg, which escalated rapidly once he discovered his unique talent for men’s fashion in the retail world.

From a small-­‐time shopkeeper in the Jo’burg CBD, he managed to cultivate a reputation for himself among leaders in trade. Others began to discover what he already had: his eye for fashion trends as well as his business savvy and extraordinary ideas.

After plenty of hard work and dedication, Eli opened up his very first store in Rosebank Mall. It was an instant success due to his experience and knowledge of the retail world. He saw a gap in the market, which very few people tapped into.

It was a point in history where Black Economic Empowerment had taken place, and newly successful black men were craving a luxury brand to call their own.


Q: What is your role in Bogart Man?

A: I am the current CEO of Bogart Man. I mostly work with Chester our designer to create designs and cultivate vision.

Q: How Long have you been working at Bogart?

A: I started Bogart Man 20 years ago and have been involved ever since the birth of our first store.

Q: In your opinion what makes the Bogart Man team a force to be reckoned with?

A: Because we are family. We take care of each other and by promoting a strong team culture we all work great together.

Q: What values do you think the Bogart team embodies?

A: The Bogart team embodies Integrity, honesty dedication and perseverance. Our team is highly passionate about what they do and that’s what Bogart is about.

Q: What is the best part about being a part of this team and organization?

A: I am living my dream, I get to work with creative people who are all likeminded and I enjoy leading the team and giving direction.

Q: How will you describe the perfect Bogart Man?

A:  Bogart Man is represented by men that ooze success and always look impeccably polished and classy with that desired, sophisticated edge.

Q: The Bogart Team is?

A: I firmly believe the Bogart Team is all for one and one for all. If one person in our team is successful everybody shares that success and no one gets left behind in our team. We all strive to make the team great.

Q: In order to be successful you have to?

A: Without determination you will struggle to find success. Determination and hard work will ensure that you’re on the right path to success.

Q: Bogart Man’s success can be attributed to?

A: I believe our success stems from having the right attitude and mindset. We all share a passion for men’s fashion which makes Bogart Man so successful.

Q: The attitude of a Bogart Man team member is?

A: When you visit us in our stores you will see our team members are all very positive and driven. That’s the attitude we would like to install across the board throughout all the corners of our business.

Q: What is your favorite Bogart Man collection?

A: I like them all – What’s the use of making things we don’t like? Every season we come up with new ranges and I am always excited about the new ranges that gets released.

Q: Working in the Bogart atmosphere feels like?

 A: When you’re working at Bogart you are allowed freedom for trial and error. Everyone here has a good sense of humor but we all share common traits such as compassion, respect and understanding which makes the working atmosphere at Bogart a friendly one.


Bogart has evolved from a simple Jeanswear store to one of South Africa’s favourite retailers for designer, urban chic and formal wear, incorporating a range of couture style suits, lounge shirts and more.

Once Eli had fully mastered the retail processes and had fully understood his potential, Bogart Man continued to flourish. Eli is a “hands-­‐on” individual who guides each and every staff member in the direction that he envisions.

No thread is ever left untied, rock left unturned. There will never be any loose ends. Eli is committed to creating a working relationship with his staff where they can rely on him for direction.

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